Reminder: Windows 10 free update ends 29 July

Reminder: Windows 10 free update ends 29 July

Just a reminder that if you wish to upgrade to Windows 10 from your copy of older Windows for free, please do so before July 29. After this date, a license will set you back at least $119.

Windows 10 has been released for almost a year. The free upgrade is an aggressive one-year promotion by Microsoft to fast-paced its adoption. Microsoft will release a major free update to Windows 10 dubbed Anniversary Update on August 2.

General consensus is Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 and Windows 8. So what are you waiting for?

Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account

Pokemon Go has taken the gaming world by storm with its AR location-based game play. It is currently available in the US and Australia. To get started playing the game, you’re required to sign-in with a Google account. No other social account sign-in such as Facebook or Twitter is offered.

Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account

You might like to know that once sign-in from within the game, Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account. You can check which apps are connected to your Google account from the site. Click on “Connected apps & sites”, scroll down to look for the “Connected apps & sites” section, and then click “MANAGE APPS” link. Click on the app to expand for the access detail.

This might not be as alarming as it appears as apps such as Google Maps for iOS also require full access to your Google account. Google has this to explain about full account access:

  • When you grant full account access, the application can see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account (but it can’t change your password, delete your account, or pay with Google Wallet on your behalf).
  • Certain Google applications may be listed under full account access. For example, you might see that the Google Maps application you downloaded for your iPhone has full account access.
  • This “Full account access” privilege should only be granted to applications you fully trust, and which are installed on your personal computer, phone, or tablet.
  • If you’ve granted full account access to an app you don’t trust or recognize, we recommend that you revoke this permission by clicking the Revoke access button.

If you don’t feel comfortable about the full access, you can revoke the access. And then use another Google account to continue your hunt in Pokemon Go.

Updated. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has issued statements that says the full access is an error and the game only requires basic profile info. Niantic is working on a fix together with Google.

Google launches My Activity site to let you see how much they track you

Google launches My Activity site to let you see how much they track you

Google has a new My Activity site which displays in a timeline your activities using Google services, such as what sites you visit, your search history, where have you been, what devices you’ve used etc. You can search and filter your activities. And you can delete the tracking data if you so choose. If you use Google services a lot, head over to My Activity and be overwhelmed by the amount of your data collected by Google.

List of devices compatible with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Apple’s upcoming new iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are not compatible with a number of devices that are capable of running iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. Specially alarming are a great number of Macs that are made obsolete by the new OS this year.

List of devices Apple is making obsolete with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

iOS 10 will not support the following devices. This marks the end of support by Apple for A5 processor and iPhone with a 3.5 inch display.

  • iPad 1,2,3
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5th generation and older
  • iPhone 4S and older

List of devices Apple is making obsolete with macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra will not run on the following Macs. The requirement is more stringent as you can run OS X El Capitan on an early 2015 MacBook or mid 2007 iMac for example. 

  • MacBook (early 2009 and older)
  • iMac (early 2009 and older)
  • MacBook Air (2009 and older)
  • MacBook Pro (2009 and older)
  • Mac mini (2009 and older)
  • Mac Pro (2009 and older)

Apple policy changes for developer

At WWDC 2016, Apple has made three changes to its policy in a bid to attract more developers to its platforms.

The first change came last week where Phil Schiller, the person in charged of the App Store, announced that Apple will open its in-app purchase renewable subscription to all categories of apps. Currently developers can adopt renewable subscriptions only for a few kind of app category, such as magazine app.

The second policy change is with Apple TV apps. Current policy states that all Apple TV apps must support the Apple remote. This is the reason why you do not see many console games being ported to Apple TV, as it takes effort to build for the Apple remote. This restriction will be gone. It is expected we will soon see more games being ported and made available on the Apple TV.

The third policy change is with regards to Mac apps and iCloud. Currently only apps on the Mac App Store is able to build iCloud features into their apps. Apple will relax this policy to allow apps outside of Mac App Store to use iCloud as long as the app is signed by a registered Apple developer. It is doubtful if this change will revert the decisions by many major apps that abandoned the Mac App Store. 

A smarter Apple? A softer Apple? 

Free technology ebooks from Packt Publishing

Free technology ebooks from Packt Publishing

If you have the appetite for learning about technology, be it a venture into Raspberry Pi as a hobby or programming your first mobile app, check out the free technology ebooks offer from Packt Publishing. Once a day, a new ebook from the publisher’s catalogue is offered for free. All you need is to create an account to claim the free ebook. You can read the ebook online or download it in PDF, ePub or Mobi format.

Watch your calories with Google search

For those watching their weight and calorie counting, Google search has a built-in food analyser that could come in handy. Just enter in Google search in natural language how much fat/calories/salt is in a given type of food.

Watch your calories with Google search

For example “How much protein is in 135 g of salmon”, “How much salt is in one Big Mac”. It even comes with a drop down menu for you to select more specific food type of your query. 

Remove old devices from your iCloud account

As a security measure, Apple provides a list of devices that you’ve signin using your iCloud account. From iOS, go to Settings > iCloud > Tap your account name > Devices.

Remove old devices from your iCloud account

Check if any of the device on the list is unknown to you. If there is you should remove the device immediately and change your iCloud password.

The list might contain your old iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Macs that you’ve owned over the years. Remove those devices you no longer using or sold. Cleaning out the list will make it easy for you to spot any new device with unauthorised signin. Simply tap the button “Remove from Account” to remove the device.

You can access the same device list on the Mac under System Preferences > iCloud > Account Details > Devices

Apple Can Do Better #1 – Podcasts for iOS annoying playback bug

We’re starting a new “Apple Can Do Better” series where each post will describe an area that Apple can do better, be it a bug or a missing feature. To start off, we want to highlight a bug in Podcasts app that still exist in the current iOS 9.3.2.

Podcasts for iOS annoying playback bug

Podcasts for iOS is the most buggy app that is bundled with iOS 9. The current release in iOS 9.3.2 has seen improvements but an annoying bug remains.

While a podcast is playing, and you tap (let say you’re at 15:23 mark of the podcast) a different podcast to play, the newly selected podcast will start at 15:23 instead of starting from the beginning. We notice this bug does not happen all the time, and it occurs more often if you listen to downloaded podcasts rather than streaming.

Apple can definitely do better rather than giving us such an obvious bug.