8 Video Sites Besides YouTube

Eight video sites besides YouTube YouTube reported a mind-boggling statistic of 20 hours of video uploaded every minute on the number one video sharing service on the planet. If you can’t get enough of it, below are eight popular video sites besides YouTube. Choices make life interesting right?

  • Hulu.com Hulu may well be the best competitor for YouTube. Too bad the service is currently only for US.

  • Vimeo Vimeo allows only user created content to be uploaded. It is the first video sharing site to support HD resolution video. Musicians such as Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails use Vimeo, so does the US White House.

  • Metacafe A popular site for video entertainment, powered by you.

  • Justin.tv The most popular site currently for live video streaming. Ashton Kutcher used it to announce live when he hits 1 million Twitter followers.

  • ustream.tv Competitor to Justin.tv.

  • DailyMotion Originated from France and now getting over 50 millions visitors monthly from all over the world.

  • TuDou The biggest chinese video site based in Shanghai, China.

  • Veoh Depending on your luck, Veoh’s service might or might not be available in your country. Since May 2008, Veoh discontinued service in several countries in order to focus on market which it has the most viewers.

Found any notable video site that you could recommend?