Quick and dirty way to bypass content blocking using Google Translate

Quick and dirty way to bypass content blocking using Google Translate

Google Translate does not just translate words and phrases. You can use it to translate a web page. The translated page is hosted under Google’s domain, and this effectively makes Google Translate a quick and dirty web proxy.

One side effect, benefit or loophole (depending how you look at it) of this service is that you can use it to access content that is block by your school or company. If you encounter the error “The page you have attempted to translate is already in English”, try to set the target language to your second language or any random language. 

As Google Translate is not intended to be a real web proxy or VPN, not all sites will work. And some images and videos will not load. But it is a quick way to gain access to blocked content if you have no other better options.

Use TextEdit as plain text editor in macOS

If you’re looking for a plain text editor in macOS, you can use the TextEdit app that comes with the operating system. TextEdit’s default file format is rich text. But you can change it to use plain text.

Use TextEdit as plain text editor in macOS

Go to TextEdit > Preferences and change the Format settings to “Plain text”. That’s it.

Some people likes to keep their notes in plain text format rather than rich text, as plain text file can be easily open in all computer systems and there is no worry of format obsolescence.

You can also use a plain text editor to remove text formatting from documents and web pages. Copy the rich text from Notes, Pages or web page into the clipboard. Then paste it into plain text editor to remove all formatting. 

Turn off Safari’s AutoFill in iOS 10

Safari in iOS 10 comes with AutoFill feature that offers suggestions for your personal info when you fill out web forms. This is handy to some but you might find it gets in the way. 

Turn off Safari AutoFill in iOS 10

To disable Safari AutoFill goto Settings > Safari > AutoFill. You have the options to turn off Contact Info, Names and Passwords, and Credit Cards. Toggle off the switch for whichever ones you don’t want to show up when filling web form.

Switch to Extreme streaming quality if you pay for Spotify Premium

One of the benefits of subscribing to Spotify Premium plan is the ability to enjoy higher quality music streaming. However you have to manually adjust this streaming quality settings.

Spotify premiun quality

Go to “Your Library” tab and tap on the Settings icon on top right. Look for “Streaming Quality” and tap to switch to Extreme which is the highest quality at 320kbit/s. You might also want to adjust the “Download quality” settings on the same page to Extreme.

Please note that the better streaming quality imposes higher Internet bandwidth. Do watch out for your usage if you’re under limited Internet plan.

How to opt out of WhatsApp’s data sharing with Facebook

WhatsApp has just changed its terms of service to allow it to share user data with parent company Facebook for ads targeting. This is alarming as WhatsApp has committed to keeping user information separate when the company was bought.

If you launch WhatsApp and see an updated Terms of Service page, do NOT tap on the “Agree” button. Instead tap the bottom bar “Read more about the key updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy”. You will now see a new section that reads “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences. Your chats and phone number will not be shared onto Facebook regardless of this setting” at the bottom with a switch. Turn OFF the switch and tap the “Agree” button.

How to opt out of WhatsApp's data sharing with Facebook

If you did not pay attention and accepted those new terms, you can still opt out within 30 days by going to Settings tab > Account. There you will find a “share my account info” switch that you can revoke your permission.

WhatsApp has a FAQ page if you need more info. 

Tweet in the dark with night mode in Twitter for iOS

The official Twitter for iOS app now comes with a “night mode”, essentially a dark theme with light-text-on-dark background. This feature should make it easier to read and tweet at night or in dimmer environment.

To enable Night Mode, on the Me tab, tap the gear icon. Tap “Turn on night mode” from the popup menu to turn the feature on.

Firefox 48 for Mac comes with multi-process support

Mozilla has released Firefox 48 for the desktop which includes the long-awaited multi-process feature. Multi-process separates each web tab into its own process. Thus if a web page is crashing or consuming large amount of CPU, the other tabs will remain responsive. This feature has been made available with Safari and Chrome browsers for a while, and has finally made it to Firefox.

Mozilla however is rolling out multi-process feature to all Firefox 48 users in stages over the next few weeks. To find out if your copy of Firefox 48 has it enabled, enter “about:support” on the URL bar.

Firefox 48 for Mac comes with multi-process support

Look for the entry “Multiprocess Windows” to check if multi-process is enabled. There is no settings to enable this feature yourself, so you just have to wait.

Keeping up with Rio Olympics 2016 with Google search

Keeping up with Rio Olympics 2016 with Google search

With tons of events happening, it is tough to keep track of everything with the 2016 Summer Olympics. If you’re not downloading the official Rio 2016 iPhone app or using the official website, you can make use of Google instant search results to get quick updates.

  • Enter “rio 2016″ or “olympics” to get back instant search result of an overview.
  • Search for “rio 2016 today” or “rio 2016 schedule” to see today’s schedule.
  • Search for “rio 2016 archery”, “rio 2016 football” etc for specific sporting event.
  • Search for “rio 2016 usain bolt”, “rio 2016 michael phelps” etc for schedule and results of specific athlete.
  • Search for “rio 2016 medal count” for the latest medal standing. 
  • Search for “rio 2016 japan medal count” etc for medal detail of a specific country.

Apple has a new remote app for Apple TV

Apple has a new remote app for Apple TV 

Apple has released a brand new Apple TV Remote app for the Apple TV. If you’re current Remote app user, please note that you have to download this new app. It is a brand new app and not an update to the old Remote app. If you’re not using a remote app for your Apple TV, please download the new app ASAP as entering text onto Apple TV using the app is so much easier. And this new app has Siri integration build-in, just like the hardware remote.

Reminder: Windows 10 free update ends 29 July

Reminder: Windows 10 free update ends 29 July

Just a reminder that if you wish to upgrade to Windows 10 from your copy of older Windows for free, please do so before July 29. After this date, a license will set you back at least $119.

Windows 10 has been released for almost a year. The free upgrade is an aggressive one-year promotion by Microsoft to fast-paced its adoption. Microsoft will release a major free update to Windows 10 dubbed Anniversary Update on August 2.

General consensus is Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 and Windows 8. So what are you waiting for?