Play Atari Breakout on Google Images

Play Atari Breakout on Google Images

You can do more than just search with Google, such as playing the classic Atari Breakout game from within your browser. Go to Google Images (, type “Atari Breakout” and hit the search button. Wait for about 2 seconds for the game to start. Please note this only work on the desktop. No luck if you’re on your iPhone or iPad.

Create the perfect Tinder profile to get more right swipes

Create the perfect Tinder profile to get more right swipes

Tinder CEO Sean Rad advises in an interview with GQ magazine the secrets on how to create the perfect Tinder profile to attract more suitors. If you’re not familiar, the social dating app relies on first impressions, where users judge their potential dates based on profile picture. Swipe right on a profile picture to imply interest, and swipe left otherwise. Sean Rad explains the science and tricks to spice up your profile and text to get more right swipes. Below are some excerpts from the interview.

Good profile photo

“You should definitely put your best foot forward on Tinder. Your first photo is what people are going to see before they even click on your profile. Choose a picture that represents you best – whether that’s you in a suit, or jeans and a T-shirt. It’s pretty well-known that smiling in photos helps you to be perceived as more friendly too.”

Bad profile photo

“I’ve talked to a lot of people about Tinder etiquette and the general consensus is that shirtless gym selfies are a huge ‘NO.’ You’re on Tinder to meet new people – the last thing you want those people to think is that you’re too self-absorbed or narcissistic to hold a real conversation.”

Be genuine

“Be yourself! Your pictures should give others a sense of your personality, hobbies and interests. If you like to go rock climbing or hiking, show it. If you’re kind of a goofball, show it.”

Write something

“Never skip the bio section – girls are 99 per cent less likely to swipe right on you if you aren’t willing to share some basic info about yourself.”

Keep it focused  

“Keep it short and sweet. Include a hobby or two, a quote from one of your favourite TV characters, what types of people you’d like to meet, or a fun fact. It’s not a bad idea to show how strong your emoji game is, either. While an obscure reference may puzzle some, it could also help find you the perfect match.” 

Be open, not obnoxious

“If someone’s reaction is to slap you without even having met you yet (based on your bio), you’re doing it wrong. If they don’t learn anything about you from your bio, you’re also doing it wrong.”

Cooking with The New York Times’ over 17,000 recipes

Cooking with The New York Times over 17,000 recipes

The New York Times has made its database of over 17,000 cooking recipes online. From the simple chicken teriyaki to the more exotic squid salad, you’d have ample ideas whether its Italian, Japanese or Chinese. If you make a free account, the site offers useful functions such as to save your favourite recipes, and offers a recommendation engine to give you suggestions as to what to cook next. The recipes are also accessible through its own free NYT Cooking iPhone app.

Many are not happy with Spotify’s updated privacy policy

Spotify updated its terms and conditions, and many users are not happy. The music streaming service, in order to “tailor improved user experience”, now wants to access to your contacts, pictures, sensor data stored on your phone and permission to view your social media activity.

We are constantly innovating and evolving our service to deliver the best possible experience for our users. This means delivering the perfect recommendations for every moment, and helping you to enjoy, discover and share more music than ever before. The data we access simply helps us to tailor improved experiences to our users, and build new and personalized products for the future. 

The privacy and security of our customers’ data is – and will remain – Spotify’s highest priority. We will always ask for individual permission or clearly inform you of the ability to opt out from sharing location, photos, voice and contacts.

According to latest figure, Spotify has about 75 million active users and 20 million subscribers in 58 countries. Enough users that pissing a number of them really doesn’t matter much to the company.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson (@notch) is the first celebrity to cancel his Spotify account in response to the changes in privacy policies. He tweeted to his 2.4 million followers “As a consumer, I’ve always loved your service. You’re the reason I stopped pirating music. Please consider not being evil.”.

Markus Persson @notch cancel Spotify account

Check out Spotify’s latest Privacy Policy. Are you angered by the changes? If you think It is not worth the while giving out your privacy by using Spotify, check out its competent competitor Apple Music.

You can omit ‘’ whenever signing into your Google account

You can omit whenever sign into your Google account

If you’re using a Google account that ends with ‘’, you can omit typing in ‘’ whenever signing into your Google account. Google will automatically add the rest. This only applies to Google sites such as Gmail. You still require to key in the complete email address when signing into Google account on third party sites.

Use Amazon’s new Bookerly font for your Kindle

Amazon Bookerly font for Kindle

Amazon has created a new ‘Bookerly’ font specially for eBook reading on Kindle devices and apps. The font replaces “Caecilia” as the default font on the 2015 Kindle Paperwhite. It’s being rolled out to older supported Kindle models as part of software update. It should download automatically when you connect Kindle to the Internet. When you’re prompted to select a new font, choose ‘Bookerly’ as it gives a more pleasant reading experience.

Twitter drops 140 character limit in Direct Message

Twitter drops 140 character limit in Direct Message

Twitter has finally dropped the 140 character limit in Direct Message in a bid to make its messaging service competitive to alternative such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Twitter users can now send a direct message of up to 10,000 characters. This does not affect public tweet which still has the 140 character limit.

Sachin Agarwal, Twitter’s DM product manager, said: “We believe that private messaging is a core part of the twitter experience. Where we see our advantage [over apps such as WhatsApp] is that there’s so much amazing content on Twitter already, that we want to enable people to have private conversations about those things.”

Twitter has long been used by business as a broadcasting medium. Direct Message could be a handy avenue for users to contact business and for getting customer support. As for personal chat, with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, WeChat so entrenched in the marketplace, it is doubtful if many will switch.

How to disable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome

Chrome is the only major browser that comes bundled with Adobe Flash Player by default. If you dislike Flash as much as we do, here’s a quick and easy way to disable the Chrome plugin.

How to disable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome

On Chrome’s address bar, enter chrome://plugins to access the plugins page. Look for Adobe Flash Player, and click on the “Disable” button. The Adobe Flash Player entry on the plugins page will be greyed out when it is disabled. It is that simple. You might notice a slight improvement in Chrome’s speed in general with the Flash Player plugin disabled.