You can disable Raise to Wake in iOS 10

Raise to Wake is a convenient feature that is enabled by default in iOS 10. It automatically wakes up your iPhone when you pick it up. This feature is available for iPhone 6s and above.

You can disable Raise to Wake in iOS 10

You can disable it if you find it annoying. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness. Tap to turn off the “Raise to Wake” switch.

How to disable “Reply with Message” on lock screen in iOS 10

One new notification feature in iOS 10 is the ability to reply to messages directly on the lock screen without a passcode or Touch ID authentication. This default settings may not be desirable to you due to privacy concern. 

How to disable Reply with Message on lock screen in iOS 10

To disable, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Scroll down to “Allow Access When Locked” section and locate the switch “Reply with Message” and tap to turn it off. You will no longer be able to reply to a message on the lock screen without a passcode or Touch ID.

Apple is making it difficult to choose the right iPhone 7 model

It is easy to get lost in the decision making when choosing the right iPhone 7 to buy. First you have to decide the display size that you want, either an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Next is to decide if you want the better dual camera capabilities in the iPhone 7 Plus. Then it is the choice of body color and the memory size. Apple is making it ever more difficult by making published and subtle differences between various iPhone 7 models.

Jet Black Model

Apple introduces new color body for each new generation. This year’s Jet Black color stands out from the rest due to its highly glossy finish. It might seems an obvious choice for those who want the gorgeous look. But Apple has clearly warn buyers that its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use.

To make matters worse, the “iPhone” name and regulatory labels at the back of the Jet Black model is prone to be ‘peeled’ off and transposed onto the protective device skin.

LTE Modem

For the past few iPhone generations, Apple uses only Qualcomm modem. Apple however chooses to use LTE modems from Qualcomm and Intel for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 models A1660 and A1661 have Qualcomm MDM9645M modem inside and supports GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/LTE. Models A1778 and A1784 use Intel XMM7360 modem that is compatible with GSM/WCDMA/LTE.

A test performed by Cellular Insights suggests that iPhone equipped with Qualcomm modem “had a significant performance edge” over the one with an Intel model.

At -121dBm, the Intel variant performed more in line with its Qualcomm counterpart. Overall, the average performance delta between the two is in the 30% range in favor of the Qualcomm

In addition iPhone with Qualcomm modem is compatible with more carriers. In the US, you can find iPhone 7 with Qualcomm modem from Verizon and Sprint. But please do verify the model if you’re particular about getting the most carrier compatibility for your iPhone 7.

32GB Significantly Slower

According to testing done by GSMArena and Unbox Therapy, the writing speed of the memory is significantly slower on the 32GB iPhone compare to 128GB or 256GB models. It can be 8x up to 10x slower in the tests.

Generally a lower capacity memory will have a slower read and write speed, but NOT 8x or 10x slower.  This suggests there are some hardware design differences between the 32GB version from the rest, some software bug or Apple is simply using a slower memory to improve its margin.

So not all iPhone 7 are born equal.

Switch to 3G if you’re in a crowded place

There is a limit on how many people a 4G carrier can support at a given location. That’s why you might find it impossible to get online or even send out an SMS when you’re in a large crowd such as in a concert or at year end street party. Switch to 3G to get a better connection.

Switch to 3G if you are in a crowded place

To switch to 3G on iOS, you have to disable 4G. Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options. Under Enable 4G, tap Off to switch off 4G.

How to generate PDFs from print preview with 3D Touch

iOS has a hidden feature that allows you to generate PDF file from the print preview screen. Yes, PDF export is built into iOS and you do not need to install additional app. Unfortunately this feature is available only on iPhone with 3D Touch.

When viewing a page on Safari or working on a document in Notes app, tap on the Action/Share button and select the system Print function. This will open the print preview page with print options on top half of the screen.

How to generate PDFs from print preview with 3D Touch

Press on the preview image (3D Touch) to bring out a Quick Look preview of the PDF file. You can then share the PDF, save to Dropbox etc from the Quick Look screen by using the standard iOS share extensions available on your phone.

Quick and dirty way to bypass content blocking using Google Translate

Quick and dirty way to bypass content blocking using Google Translate

Google Translate does not just translate words and phrases. You can use it to translate a web page. The translated page is hosted under Google’s domain, and this effectively makes Google Translate a quick and dirty web proxy.

One side effect, benefit or loophole (depending how you look at it) of this service is that you can use it to access content that is block by your school or company. If you encounter the error “The page you have attempted to translate is already in English”, try to set the target language to your second language or any random language. 

As Google Translate is not intended to be a real web proxy or VPN, not all sites will work. And some images and videos will not load. But it is a quick way to gain access to blocked content if you have no other better options.

How to clear all notifications with 3D Touch in iOS 10

iOS 10 has added the ability to clear all notifications at once. Unfortunately this feature is only available for iPhone that is capable of 3D Touch. 

How to clear all notifications with 3D Touch in iOS 10

Swipe down from top of screen to bring up the Notification Center screen. Use 3D Touch to press on the “x” icon on left top corner of a notification. You will be presented with an pop up option to “Clear All Notifications”. Tap on it to see all your notifications removed from the screen.

Turn off Safari’s AutoFill in iOS 10

Safari in iOS 10 comes with AutoFill feature that offers suggestions for your personal info when you fill out web forms. This is handy to some but you might find it gets in the way. 

Turn off Safari AutoFill in iOS 10

To disable Safari AutoFill goto Settings > Safari > AutoFill. You have the options to turn off Contact Info, Names and Passwords, and Credit Cards. Toggle off the switch for whichever ones you don’t want to show up when filling web form.

Switch to Extreme streaming quality if you pay for Spotify Premium

One of the benefits of subscribing to Spotify Premium plan is the ability to enjoy higher quality music streaming. However you have to manually adjust this streaming quality settings.

Spotify premiun quality

Go to “Your Library” tab and tap on the Settings icon on top right. Look for “Streaming Quality” and tap to switch to Extreme which is the highest quality at 320kbit/s. You might also want to adjust the “Download quality” settings on the same page to Extreme.

Please note that the better streaming quality imposes higher Internet bandwidth. Do watch out for your usage if you’re under limited Internet plan.