It’s a good habit to turn on your iPhone using the Lock/Power button

Good habit to turn on your iPhone using the Lock Power button Today View

Ever since Apple redesign the iOS lock screen by removing the swipe-to-unlock gesture, you merely just need to press the Home button to wake and unlock the phone automatically using Touch ID. At times the Touch ID unlock the phone too quickly that you’d miss the Lock screen completely. 

Lock screen can be useful for quick glance at the time and date. Swiping right on the Lock screen will get you to the Today screen where you can place some useful widgets such as latest stock price and currency rates.

Swiping to the left will get you quick access to the camera. It is this convenience that you might want to consider to get in the habit of pressing the Lock/Power button to wake your phone to the Lock screen. Give it a try, it might saves you time if you use the camera a lot.

Recover hard disk space on your Mac by removing unused Xcode Simulator

If you’re Xcode user, especially if you’ve been running Xcode for few years, you might have outdated versions of iOS Simulator sitting on your precious hard disk doing nothing. Open up the Terminal app and enter the following command to remove those unused Simulator.

xcrun simctl delete unavailable

You can easily recover 2 to 8 GB of hard disk space, depending on how many Xcode Simulator you’ve installed in the past.

You can now apply for job in US and Canada from right within Facebook

You can now apply for job in US and Canada right within Facebook

Facebook has launched in the US and Canada a service to allow businesses to post job opening in businesses’ Facebook Pages. Aim at small business, the job openings can be posted to the news feed through status update, and will appear on a “Jobs” tab on business Page. When you see the posting, you can hit the “Apply Now” button to send an application. Facebook will pre-fill your profile and send your application via Facebook Messenger. 

WWDC 2017 will be in San Jose Jun 5-9, registration opens March 27

Apple WWDC Jun 5-9 2017

Apple has announced the 2017 edition of its annual World Wide Developer Conference. WWDC 2017 will see a change in venue from the usual San Francisco’s Moscone Center to San Jose and is on the week of June 5-9. WWDC is the event where Apple releases technical info on the next major version of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. 

Technology alone is not enough.Technology must intersect with the liberal arts and the humanities, to create new ideas and experiences that push society forward. This summer we bring together thousands of brilliant minds representing many diverse perspectives, passions, and talents to help us change the world.

Tickets will be offered by random selection to those who register their interest. Registration opens Monday, March 27 at 10 am PDT. You must be a member of Apple Developer Program to register. Mark your calendar and check out the WWDC site.

How to remove Siri from MacBook Pro Touch Bar

How to remove Siri from MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Siri on the Touch Bar can get in the way if you have the habit of hitting the edge of the Touch Bar. It can be annoying if Siri is turned on accidentally.

If you do not use Siri on a regular basis, you can remove it from the Touch Bar. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard. Click on “Customise Control Strip”. The Mac is now treating the Touch Bar as an external display where you can move your cursor into. Use the trackpad or mouse to drag the Siri icon on the Touch Bar out into the main screen. 

Notable: Watch Steve Jobs introduces first iPhone 10 years ago; Chris Lattner left Apple; Consumer Reports now recommends 2016 MacBook Pro; Apple increases tvOS app size to 4GB

Watch Steve Jobs introduces first iPhone 10 years ago

The first iPhone was launched 10 years ago on January 9, 2007. Watch the MacWorld keynote where Steve Jobs introduces the very first iPhone to the world.

Chris Lattner from Apple to Tesla

Chris Lattner from Apple to Tesla

Chris Lattner, the creator of Swift programming language and LLVM co-author, is going to Tesla after more than a decade with Apple. There are many speculations on his decision, after he led a successful transition to open source the Swift programming language. Maybe he is upset with the future direction or the lack of it in Apple?

Consumer Reports now recommends 2016 MacBook Pro  

 Consumer Reports now recommends 2016 MacBook Pro

Consumer Reports has reversed its position and is now recommending the latest 2016 MacBook Pro. Consumer Reports conducted a new test after Apple fixes a Safari bug that causes unpredictable battery life in the original test. The fix will be made available to the public in the coming macOS Sierra 10.12.3. 

Apple increases tvOS app size from 200MB to 4GB

Apple increases tvOS app size to 4GB

Ever wonder why there are not many console-like games available on tvOS? This is due mainly to lacklustre support from Apple for such games. Things might change as Apple has announced that the size limit of tvOS app bundle has increased from 200MB to 4GB.  This comes after Apple TV 4th generation has been on the market for more than 14 months, and right after the Nintendo Switch announcement.

24 Siri commands that you can use

24 Siri commands that you can use

Admit it, Siri at times can be frustrating when it does not answer your question. Or It just simply point you to a website or wikipedia page. We all like Siri to get super smart, until then it is good to learn about some specific commands that Siri can answer.

  1. “Read my last message” – read your last text message.
  2. “Text Jon Snow where are you now” – send a text message to Jon Snow.
  3. “Show me my last email” – display your last email.
  4. “Take a picture” – launch camera app.
  5. “Download Facebook” – launch App Store and search “Facebook” for you.
  6. “Open Twitter” – open Twitter app.
  7. “Remind me to bring my charger tomorrow at 9.30 am” – add a task to reminder
  8. “Wake me up in 9 hours”, “Wake me up at 8am” – to set alarm.
  9. “Timer 5 minutes” – to set timer.
  10. “What’s on my calendar for Monday” – to check calendar agenda.
  11. “Play Nine Inch Nails” – play song or album in your music library.
  12. “How many calories are in a banana” – substitute “banana” with any fruit you have in mind.
  13. “What’s 150 dollars in pounds” – convert currency.
  14. “How many ounces in one litre”, “How many inches in a meter”, “What’s 200 Fahrenheit in Celsius” – various convertor. 
  15. “What’s Apple stock price” – list stock price.
  16. “What’s ETA to Avenue 5” – list the estimated time to reach Avenue 5 from your current location.
  17. “What song is this?” – then point your iPhone to a song playing to identify the song.
  18. “Any good Japanese restaurants in the area” – get a list of restaurants nearby. 
  19. “What movies are playing in the area” – get movie listing.
  20. “What’s Morse code for Titanic” – find out the Morse code.
  21. “Do beatbox” – for some fun.
  22. “What is zero divided by zero” – for some classic Siri reply.
  23. “Toss coin” – to get tail or head.
  24. “Bye” – to quit Siri without pressing the Home button.

Thats certainly not all Siri could do. Ask Siri “What can you do” to find out more commands.

Notable: See Bots Chat; Chinese New Year wallpapers from Apple; iOS 10 on 76% of iOS devices

See Bots Chat on Twitch TV

See Bots Chat on Twitch

The singularity is near, so it may seems when you watch two bots talking to each other over Google Home live on Twitch. Its a male and female bots, continuously prompting each other with questions, answers and comments. The conversation at times is a treat, with wide ranging topics, and you can even hear them flirting and arguing with each other. Head over to Twitch TV live feed.

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with wallpapers

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with wallpapers

To celebrate the coming Year of the Rooster Chinese New Year, Apple for the first time launched a set of exclusive wallpapers. Available on Apple website in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, the wallpapers are created by young Chinese artists using apps on Mac and iPad. Download the wallpapers.

iOS 10 now on 76% of iOS devicesiOS 10 now on 76 percent of iOS devices

According to Apple’s developer page, iOS 10 is now on 76% of iOS devices as on January 4, 2017 based on App Store statistics. 18% of devices continue to run iOS 9. This is an improvement as iOS 9 garnered 75% of adoption rate around this time last year. Apple is expected to release iOS 10.3 this month.

How to disable System Haptics on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

How to disable system haptics on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Taptic Engine was first introduced in iPhone 6s for 3D Touch. For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the Taptic Engine supports the Home button, which is no longer a physical button. In addition, Apple has enhanced the Taptic Engine to introduce subtle vibrations for various system functions.

These new System Haptics are everywhere, for example when you slide open the Notification Center, you get a subtle tap as the sliding reaches the bottom of the screen. System Haptics are also available when you use Pinch to Zoom, Sliders, Switches, pull open Spotlight etc. 

System Haptics can be a delight to use. You can turn it off if you find it annoying. Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Scroll all the way to the bottom and turn off the “System Haptics” switch.

Disable System Haptics on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Please note that disabling System Haptics does not turn off all vibrations such as for 3D Touch or incoming phone calls. These other vibrations are not under System Haptics and is managed independently.

Late-2016 MacBook Pro starts up when opening the lid or plugging in power

Late-2016 MacBook Pro starts up when opening the lid or plugging in power

Late-2016 MacBook Pro comes with a brand new start-up feature. When the notebook is powered off, it will automatically start up when you open the lids or connect to the power supply.

Specifically, when MacBook Pro is power off, it turns on when:

  • Open the lid of your Mac, even if it’s not connected to power. This is provided the MacBook Pro isn’t completely out of power.
  • Connect it to a power adapter while its lid is open.
  • Connect it to a power adapter while its lid is closed and it’s connected to an external display.

Source: Apple Support Article