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AIM iPhone App With Push Notification

One of the first major iPhone app that supports Apple’s new Push Notification service hits the App Store: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

  • When the new AIM first starts up, it asks if you would like to receive push notifications.

AIM iPhone App Push Notification

  • Since this is the first push notification app on our iPhone, a new “Notifications” item appeared in the Settings app after we run AIM. Find out the basics on push notifications.

AIM iPhone App Push Notification 2


World’s Biggest iPhone?

Not sure if this is a fake demo or is running some sort of screen emulation, but it appears to be iPhone OS running on a Mac Pro with a 24 inch multi-touch monitor.

Apple launches iTunes 8, new iPods and iPhone 2.1 Software

A thin but healthy looking Steve Jobs on Tuesday unveils at Apple’s ‘Lets Rock’ event iTunes 8, iPod Classic update, new fourth generation iPod nano, new second generation iPod touch and iPhone 2.1 software. These announcements are ‘underwhelming’ as there are no real surprises, and the spy shots of the new iPod nano prior to the launch is spot on. Let’s summarize the highlights from what Jobs called a ‘music’ event:

  • Apple’s iTunes numbers: over 8.5 million songs, over 125,000 podcasts, over 30,000 TV shows, over 2600 movies, over 3,000 iPhone/iPod touch apps. And 65 million customers.
  • iTunes to have high-definition TV shows. HD content costs $2.99 per episode while the standard definition is $1.99.
  • NBC is coming back to iTunes, say hello to “The Office”, “Monk”, “Battlestar Galactica” etc. iTunes stopped selling NBC TV shows end Aug 2007 following NBC’s decision to not renew agreement with Apple then.
  • (more…)

EA to release Spore Origins for iPhone and iPod touch on September 7


Great news for iPhone and iPod touch owners. EA will release Spore Origins on September 7, the same day Spore hits the Mac and PC. Spore Origins is a scale down Spore game build specially for Apple’s app platform. The game was first demo in March when Apple introduced the iPhone software development kit to developers.

Spore Origins looks a lot like Spore’s Cell phase. It also contains a mini version of the Creature Creator software. Spore Origins is available via the usual Apple App Store.

“Let’s Rock”: Apple Special Event on September 9


Apple has sent out invites to its “Let’s Rock” Special Event on next Tuesday September 9. The place is Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10am Pacific Time.

The invite features an iPod silhouette, suggesting that it will be an iPod event. Apple is expected by the rumor mill to launch new iPod nano and iPod touch.

iPhone App “I Am Rich” Guided Tour

The first iPhone application “I Am Rich” made specially for the rich and not so famous, now has a full length guided tour on YouTube, courtesy of NPomerleau.

Apparently eight people actually bought the $999.99 iPhone application before Apple took it off the App Store. “I Am Rich” shows off what money can buy these days, and it comes with a mantra to inspire the rest of us to work harder:

I am rich
I deserv it

I am good,
healthy &

Google Releases New Version Of Google Talk For iPhone And iPod Touch

google-releases-new-version-of-google-talk-for-iphone-and-ipod-touchGoogle has released a new version of Google Talk instant messaging application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Google Talk runs entirely under the Safari browser of iPhone and iPod Touch and there is no software to download or install. Just point your iPhone or iPod Touch browser to www.google.com/talk.

Announced the release yesterday in Google Mobile Blog, Google Talk for iPhone does not provide the same always on experience as the desktop version due to its web application nature:

          There are some differences from using Google Talk on your computer. For instance, in order to receive instant messages with Google Talk on your iPhone, the application needs to be open in your Safari browser. When you navigate away to another browser window or application, your status will be changed to "unavailable" and your Google Talk session will be restarted when you return.

It is great to see more instant messaging platform release on iPhone, providing alternative to traditional SMS text messaging available on mobile phone. With AOL AIM Client confirmed for iPhone, let’s hope we get MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger on board soon. Market share estimate that AIM has about 50 percent of the instant messaging market, followed by MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. Google Talk has about 2.5 percent of the market, according to Nielsen Online.