Mozilla launches Firefox 3


Mozilla on Tuesday released Firefox 3, a major update to the popular free open source browser that is “two to three times faster” and uses less memory than its predecessor. As part of the launch on 17 June 2008, Mozilla kicked off a “Download Day” campaign in a bid to set a Guinness World Record for the greatest number of software downloads in 24 hours. Mozilla Firefox 3 is available in approximately 50 languages and on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms. Download Mozilla Firefox 3.

If you are a Mac user like we do, you might ponder if there is a need to switch to using Firefox with all the hype around it. Shouldn’t the standard Apple Safari browser be good enough? If you are questioning and not downloading Firefox now, the answer is ‘Yes’. With the recent release of Safari 3.1, Apple has made Safari one of the best browsers in the market and Safari is gaining market share.

If you are a recent switcher to Mac and were using Firefox on Windows, then you will feel more at home with Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is not completely Mac like in its user interface, long time Firefox users probably do not care or have no other choice if they have gotten dependent on the many Firefox add-ons. These are Firefox plugins, utilities or extensions that enhance the Firefox features and experience.

For us Mac users at Sanziro, Safari is our default browser. And we run Firefox to test browser compatibility to ensure our web pages can run on all major browsers. Talking about major web browser, where and when is the long overdue Internet Explorer 8? Mozilla already is talking about Firefox 3.1 and Apple is working now on Safari 4. We hope Microsoft is paying attention. Competition is good.

Updated: Well, Mozilla has claimed that over 8 million copies of the software were downloaded on “Download Day” 17 June 2008, and is in the process of being certified by Guinness World Records for the most downloaded software in a single day.