18 Essential Shortcuts And Tips For Apple Safari 3

Browser is one of the most common application and it pays to master the software to get the most out of it. Listed below are 18 essential shortcuts and tips for Safari 3 that can save you time and become more proficient in using Safari. These shortcuts and tips are for the Mac version of Apple Safari 3.

  1. Press Command-L to go direct to the address bar. The current web address is selected, and will be erased once you start keying in your new web address.

  2. Press Command-Option-F to go direct to the Google search box.

  3. For URL link on web page, press Command and click on it to open the URL in a new tab. Press Command-Option and click on it to open the URL in a new window.

  4. Press Command-T opens a new tab. You can also open a new tab by double clicking on the empty space on the Tab Bar.


  5. Press Command-Shift-] or Command-Shift-Right Arrow to navigate to next tab. Press Command-Shift-[ or Command-Shift-Left Arrow to navigate to previous tab.

  6. These are basic window commands that apply to other Mac applications as well: press Command-N to open a new window and Command-` to navigate among windows.

  7. Press Command-W to close tab. This will close the window if there is no other tab in the window. Press Command-Option-W to close all tabs but the current selected one.

  8. You can move a tab to a different window using drag-and-drop: click and hold on the tab, and drag it to the new window and drop it. To move a tab to a new window, simply click and hold the tab and drag it to the desktop.

  9. Press Command and click on a window’s title bar allows you to navigate a web page’s hierarchy.


  10. You can grab any image and put it on your desktop by simply dragging it. This applies to pictures formated with the HTML IMG tag.

  11. To start a new Google search using the text on a web page, first select the text, right click on the selection for the pop-up menu, and choose ‘Search in Google’. Google search will start from within the same page.


    To display the Google search in a new tab, press Command while you select the ‘Search in Google’ menu option.

    To display the Google search in a new window, press Command-Option while you select the ‘Search in Google’ menu option.

  12. Press Command-I to embedded the page content in an email ready for you to send out. Press Command-Shift-I to email the URL link of the page instead.

  13. You can press Command with a number to quickly launch the bookmarks on your Bookmarks Bar. The number starts with 1 for the leftmost bookmark on your Bookmarks Bar.

    In the example pictured below, pressing Command-1 opens reddit, Command-2 for Twitter, Command-3 hits Facebook, Command-4 starts Wikipedia, Command-5 goes to Yahoo! and Command-6 launches Google.


  14. If you are reading a web page and want to go back to the last visited site without leaving the current page: press Command and click the Back Button to open the last visited site in a new tab. Press the Command+Option and click the Back Button to open the last visited site in a new window.

  15. In Firefox and IE, to navigate to past visited sites, you use the arrow buttons right next to the Back Button/Forward Button to display a drop down menu for the recent visited pages. Safari does away with the additional arrow drop down button, instead click and hold the Back Button/Forward Button to display the drop down list.


    To display the drop-down webpages in URL address instead of name, press Option when you click and hold the Back Button/Forward Button.

  16. Press Command-Control-D while hovering your mouse pointer over a word to pop-up the dictionary for the word.

  17. You can setup Auto-Click to quickly open all tabs in your Bookmarks Bar folder. This feature only works for folder on your Bookmarks Bar.

    First create a folder (right click on the Bookmarks Bar and select ‘New Folder’) on the Bookmarks Bar and bookmark the web pages under this folder. In the example below, a ‘Daily’ folder is created with 3 sites under the folder. Click on the ‘Bookmarks’ icon on the left of the Bookmarks Bar to display the Bookmarks setup page. Select the ‘Auto-Click’ tick box, notice that the icon for the folder on the Bookmarks Bar change from an arrow to a square box.


    Click on the ‘Bookmarks’ icon to toggle back to normal web page. You can now click on the folder on the Bookmark Bars to open all webpages under it all at once.

  18. Press Command-R to refresh the web page. This is frequently asked by IE users who are accustomed to pressing ‘F5’ for web page refresh.

We hope you find new useful information here. Please feel free to leave comment if you have additional tips to share.