Adobe Released Photoshop Lightroom 2

Adobe has released the major upgrade to its Photoshop Lightroom professional digital photography processing and workflow software. Following the module based structure of its predecessor, Lightroom 2’s new enhancements include radical advances in non-destructive localized image correction, streamlined search capabilities, improved Photoshop CS3 integration, 64-bit software for improved memory performance for dealing with large scale images, ability to manage and organize images over multiple hard drives, and dual-monitor support.

Lightroom 2 is the first Adobe application to support 64-bit on Mac OS X. It has been in public beta since April and many of its features are in response to users request.

“A worldwide community of photographers provided valuable insight and feedback, as part of the Lightroom 2 public beta program, ultimately helping us deliver a better product,” said Tom Hogarty, senior product manager for Lightroom and Camera Raw at Adobe. “We’ve considered their requests which helped us develop useful features that make it easier than ever for our customers to quickly refine, enhance and present brilliant photographs.”

It is a much needed upgrade for Lightroom ever since Apple released Aperture 2.1 in March with improved speed, competitive price point as Lightroom, and plug-in architecture for integration with popular third-party image editing software. It appears that Lightroom 2 is follow suit with a software development kit to allow third-party plug-ins to further extend the Lightroom workflow.

Together with the release, Adobe has updated its Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter to version 4.5, with support of over 190 camera models including the new Olympus E 420 and E 520 models.

Lightroom 2 will cost $299. Upgrades from existing versions will cost $99. You can get a savings of up to $125 when you buy Lightroom together with Photoshop CS3. Download free trial from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 website.