Apple Releases iPhone 2.0 Software For Original iPhone And iPod Touch

Apple has released the iPhone 2.0 Software for first-generation iPhone and iPod touch, allowing these devices to upgrade to use the iPhone 3G software features and access to the new App Store.

First-generation iPhone users will be prompted to install the upgrade when they connect their iPhone to iTunes. The upgrade will wipe out all data in the iPhone and temporary reactivate the device. Once the Phone 2.0 Software is installed, iTunes will connect to Apple servers to reactivate the device for use, using the same activation mechanism as the new iPhone 3G. Apple activation servers were down on July 11 morning due to the overwhelming load during the iPhone 3G launch day. The service has since been put back online but the the load is expected to be high for the next few days.

iPod touch users will have to purchase the firmware upgrade from iTunes Store for $9.95. Apple has put up on iPod touch website information on ‘iPod touch App Store’ with a firmware update link to the iTunes Store. This latest update for iPod touch includes Mail, Stocks, Weather, Maps and Notes, as well as all the changes in the January update.