Are You Ready For iPhone 3G?

are-you-ready-for-iphone-3gWith only 2 days to the launch of iPhone 3G on July 11, the Apple hype sphere is at all times high with iPhone 3G news, unboxing pictures and videos, and reviews all over the net. Have you not been tempted?

First, we have the advance reviews of the iPhone 3G from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Some highlights of the three reviews:

  • Feels better than original iPhone in your hand due to the curved back
  • Data speed is 3-5x faster than original iPhone due to 3G, as expected
  • Battery drained much more quickly with 3G enabled
  • Speaker sounded better. “In fact, few cellphones sound this good.”
  • GPS is very accurate
  • Exchange ActiveSync works well and relatively easy to setup
  • There is still no video recording, no stereo bluetooth, no copy/paste, no memory card slot, no MMS and no voice dialing

Overall iPhone 3G is well received by these reviewers, commented that iPhone 3G is better than the original iPhone and is worth the wait. However if you are an existing iPhone owner, you might want to consider if you need to upgrade the hardware. Beside 3G and GPS, all the essentials for iPhone 3G including App Store are in iPhone 2.0 software, which will be available for original iPhone.

David Pogue [New York Times]: For iPhone, the ‘New’ Is Relative

Walt Mossberg [AllThingsDigital/Wall Street Journal]: Newer, Faster, Cheaper iPhone 3G

Edward Baig [USA Today]: Apple’s new iPhone 3G: Still not perfect, but really close

Well, one of the main difference in hardware between the original iPhone and iPhone 3G is the “3G” speed, which is touted to be 2.4x faster than iPhone using EDGE. provides network connection speed test, so might be good time to test your iPhone speed now to compare with what you get from iPhone 3G.

Before you head down to join the iPhone 3G line, read the Apple article ‘What to bring when buying iPhone 3G’, to ensure you do not forget to bring the necessary for the iPhone 3G activation.

To purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:

Credit card
Social security number
Valid, government-issued photo ID
Your current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)

The page also advised buyer to arrive early to get in line as daily quantities are limited by stock on hand. You can use the same webpage to check store availability of iPhone 3G. Return to the page after 9 p.m. to check the next day’s availability for any Apple Retail Store. New iPhone shipments arrive most days and Apple updates the availability info nightly.