Google Tweaks Automatic Contact Adding For GMail


Google posted in its GMail blog that an update to GMail this week will give users more control over the contact list auto-added feature. This is in response to users’ complains that auto-added contacts by Gmail, which can not be turned off, clutter their contact list.

Previously, GMail automatically added all new e-mail addresses to your main contact list, designed so that email address can be auto-complete as you type when composing a new message, saving times from needing to look up in the contact list.

Google has now created a new “Suggested Contacts” list in addition to “My Contacts”. Any e-mail address which you sent out will appear under the “Suggested Contacts” list. If the address has been e-mailed five or more times, GMail’s default setting will automatically add the address to the “My Contacts” list. You however have the option to turn off this count based auto-added feature.

By having this tweaks, Google has managed to help the users reduce their contact list clutter, and at the same times preserve the auto-complete feature.

Via The Official GMail Blog