iPhone 3G Line Starts At Apple Store New York A Week Ahead of Launch

Line for the iPhone 3G has started outside of Apple’s flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York, a week ahead of iPhone 3G’s launch on July 11. News is some people in the line are there to attempt to break the world record for waiting in line. We salute the people in the line, and what a way to spend your Fourth of July weekend and seven days of your life!

From GearDiary:

“This is the first line forming for the 3G iPhone at the flagship Apple 5th Avenue Store in New York City. About 10 people in line with the first two being a man and woman with a young child. I talked to the security guards and New York police who will allow everyone to stay and indicated that as of yet there are no plans to put out barricades. It appears that most (if not all) of the people in line are part of some group who may be either attempting to set a record for waiting in line or gain some publicity for themselves. It’s too early to tell if this is a hoax or whether these folks will stay in line through sun and rain for the next seven days”.

Number one in line is a man and woman with a baby, lets hope we don’t see the baby everyday for the next seven days. Are these people there for world record? Or for some kind of publicity stunts? Are they hired by Apple to hype up the launch? Will the line get longer and stretch over to wall street? Seven days to all the answers…

Source: GearDiary