Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop Client 2 For Mac

microsoft-releases-remote-desktop-client-2-for-macMicrosoft today finally releases Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2, after one year being in public beta. With a new Mac-like interface, Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2 allows you to securely connect to Windows-based PCs to access Windows-based files, applications, devices, and network from your Mac. Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2 is a free Universal Binary download.

Beside a more Mac like interface, new features in this version of Remote Desktop Connection for Mac include multiple session support, new authentication method to enhance security, and the ability to print from your Windows session to printer configured on your Mac.

In a Microsoft Windows computing environment, Remote Desktop Connection is the standard way to access to multiple Windows-based machines. It is a must-have tool for Windows Admins. It is also an alternative way to ‘run Windows applications’ on your Mac, beside Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop. In this case, the Windows applications are running on a separate Windows PC, and Remote Desktop Connection for Mac allows you to display the windows interface of the running applications, and you can interact with the Windows applications using your mouse and keyboard on your Mac.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac implements the Microsoft-developed RDP protocol. It is a competing remote desktop system to the platform-independent Virtual Network Computing (VNC) system, which is more commonly used in Linux/Unix and is supported by Apple Remote Desktop software. VNC client is build into Mac OS X, you can connect to a VNC server directly from Finder .