Survey Shows 29% Japanese Consider iPhone Switch

Another good piece of news to build up the momentum before iPhone 3G is released this Friday July 11. This time it is from a survey published by, a price comparison portal in Japan for home appliances and electronic goods. The survey results show that many are considering purchasing the iPhone 3G, and about 29% of the other carriers’ subscribers are apparently considering switching in order to use iPhone. iPhone 3G will be released by SoftBank Mobile exclusively in Japan on July 11.

The survey results showed that the intention of buying the iPhone is strong among the respondents: Those who answered “I have already pre-ordered one,” “I will definitely purchase one,” “I intend to purchase one” or “I am considering purchasing one” accounted for 50.9% of all respondents, said.

Reasons cited for why they want the iPhone 3G include “Because its functions seem interesting”,”Because its design is superior”,”Because its interface seems easy to use” and “Because I like Apple’s products”. portal conducted the survey from June 19 to June 25 and received 7,963 responses, about 90% of which are male respondents.

Source: TechOn!