19 Missing Features in iPhone 3G


Apple iPhone 3G is a popular and magnificent phone, for its market breaking user interface and ease of use. But if you compare iPhone 3G with the other smartphones, you find many features are obvious omissions. Many people have come to expect iPhone 3G to be feature-laden, however Apple has omitted features that are common nowadays, either because the iPhone software is not as developed yet, or it is design decision to keep the phone’s ease of use appeal.

Apple has made clear that iPhone 3G new features will be rolled out via future firmware updates. New iPhone firmware release has become as anticipated as new Apple product launches, and the next update iPhone 2.1 software is expected in September.

We list below 19 missing features of iPhone 3G, features that we come to expect. Some are hardware specifics that are not possible via firmware upgrade, some are feature requests, some are features you can get now via third party applications, and some features are best left out of iPhone 3G.

  1. Video camera for video recording. And a front facing camera for video chat. We hope these could make it to next version of iPhone hardware, in summer 2009? And make it HD capable.
  2. Copy & Paste. This is a much sought after feature which Apple thinks is low priority. Can we get this feature by next update please?
  3. No MMS support. It is not a deal breaker for us not to have MMS, but it is nice to have nonetheless.
  4. Can not forward SMS. Do we really need to use another application for this simple task?
  5. Can not use iPhone 3G as modem for your Mac and PC. Apple recently took down iPhone app NetShare that has this capability. There is rumors that Apple is working with AT&T to make this feature available.
  6. No Adobe Flash. Which means many websites can not be viewed on iPhone. Maybe Apple is worry people will play Flash games on the iPhone rather than buying native iPhone games.
  7. No Java and J2ME support. These are standard software on Symbian based phones. Apple is unlikely to include Java and J2ME, and we hope it stays that way.
  8. HD or HD compatible (720p) display. Make HD the minimum and standard resolution for video format, and help users save tons of hours having to deal with another video resolution. And make iPhone a HD video player by supporting HD video out.
  9. Increase the camera resolution, 2MP is so 90s. Make the camera a respectable replacement for P&S camera. And camera flash please.
  10. No over the air access to iTunes Store. We heard this feature is coming, so just need to keep waiting.
  11. Voice dialing support please. We guess Apple prefers us to touch instead, but our hands are not always free.
  12. Memory expansion slot. We are split on this but it would be nice if we have 32G or 64G options. Why not? Some people are rich enough to pay $1k for a screen saver.
  13. No wireless sync of Contacts, Calendar etc to Mac? Not even via Bluetooth? Not sure if we will ever get this feature as by design all desktop sync is via iTunes software.
  14. Allow access to files on iPhones, for example as a storage device when connect via USB on the Mac. Apple could create a special folder on the iPhone for such purpose.
  15. Wireless printing support. Ability to send photos, email messages etc to Bluetooth or WiFi-equipped printer.
  16. Bluetooth profile currently support voice only. How about A2DP profile for stereo playbacks and bluetooth keyboard?
  17. A standard audio recording app from Apple?
  18. No FM radio, as expected since you don’t get it even in iPods without third party add-on.
  19. No removable battery. We do not think there will ever be one, judging from past Apple iPods and iPhone. This ‘feature’ makes iPhone stands out from all the other cellphones in the market.

So many features, and so little time. Let’s hope Apple is not making “feature less” into an iPhone feature. All we want now for the imminent 2.1 release is bug fixes and more bug fixes. Stability and security enhancement are top priorities above all else.