Google Translate Now On iPhone

Google has added an iPhone interface to its Google Translate service, which let you convert on-the-go from one language into one of the 23 available languages. You can access Google Translate by choosing the “more” tab in Google mobile ( on your iPhone or iPod touch. Or you can go directly to in the Safari browser.

In time for your summer vacation, Google has reworked the mobile interface using AJAX technology so that it retrieves as few data over the net as possible, in order not to break your bank when you’re abroad for data roaming charges. Google software engineer Allen Hutchison noted that he could get between 200 and 400 translations in 1MB of data download.

Google Translate on the iPhone also remembers all your previous entries, so your past translations will be there each time you come back to the page. This allows you to go back and re-translate them all to another language without reentering. Also, Google has added the feature to allow reverse the two language in translating on the fly. This quick switch is convenient when you are communicating with someone else in foreign land, you can let the person type using their own language.