The Dark Knight Crosses $400 Million In Record 18 Days


Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” crosses the $400 million box office mark in record 18 days, less than half the time the previous record holder “Shrek 2” took when it reached $400 million in 43 days back in 2004. We have updated our article Let’s Look At All The Box Office Records Of The Dark Knight to reflect this latest achievement.

“The Dark Knight” just scores its third straight weekend number 1 when it beats “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” grossing $42.7 million Friday through Sunday to reach $394 million. “The Dark Knight” took in $6.3 million on Monday to bring its tally to $400.03 million, Warner Bros. Pictures said. However “The Dark Knight” fails to beat the highest third weekend record which is set by “Spiderman” when it amassed $45 million during its third weekend in 2002.

Warner expects “The Dark Knight” to add at least another $100 million to its North American ticket sales, and is optimistic that it will surpass the $461 million haul of “Star Wars” to become the number 2 movie of all time in the United States and Canada. However it will be a tough call to be able to beat the $600 million all time record set by 1997’s “Titanic”.