iPhone Apps In The News

Blacjack Card Counter from Australia based Webtopia is in the news lately as Nevada Gaming Control Board has warned casinos to watch out for players using the iPhone app to count cards.

Counting cards technique has been used by professional gamblers, it is ok if you are using your head, but is illegal if assisted by a device. Blackjack Card Counter is not the only card counter app in iPhone App Store, but is the only one with a stealth mode at the moment, allowing users to count cards discreetly where screen goes black.

Apple’s App Store rejected an South Park app that allows users to access episode clips, read South Park news, download South Park wallpapers and other Aouth Park related info. The reason given by Apple is that its content might be “potentially offensive”, and said such policy could change in the future. Strangely, you can find South Park’s Season 1 to 12 television shows and the South Park movie on iTunes store.

On a more ‘serious’ note, Google at Mobile World Congress 2009 has demonstrated its up and coming offline feature for GMail running on iPhone, allowing you to use its popular GMail service while offline. It is using the new HTML5 local store features which is supported by iPhone’s Safari Mobile browser. No news when we can download it from App Store.