New Mac mini Appeared On Video Online

A person by the nick ‘monthy’ on MacRumors forum has posted a short video of what could be the next-gen Mac mini. The clip shows a box device in the same design as current Mac mini but sports a Mini DisplayPort at the rear.

The Mini-DisplayPort connector aroused some excitement no doubt. Apple has only begun using Mini-DisplayPort on the recently launched MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The video is titled “Mac Mini 2009 Edition”, suggesting that it will be released this year. Rumors of an imninent new Mac mini has started as early as mid 2008. There are hints that Apple would use NVidia’s chipset for the new Mac mini, following the footsteps of all new Apple Macs in recent releases.

So is it a crazy mod or the real thing? Whatever it is, we hope Apple does refresh Mac mini quick, like in yesterday. Mac mini was last refreshed in August 2007, way too overdued by industry standard. And we wish Apple could offer an option for a mid-range Mac in the desktop form factor this time, a Mac mini with a respectable spec. Not everyone who long for a desktop computer is able to afford a Mac Pro.