iPhone Helping SingTel To Gain Marketshare In Singapore

SingTel strengthened its position as mobile telco leader in Singapore, posting a 0.8 percent increase in post-paid marketshare to 45.6 percent. This outcome was unexpected by analysts, as the company was expected to lose ground to StarHub and MobileOne with the introduction of mobile number portability, which makes it easy for people to switch carriers without changing their phone number.

Analysts says that SingTel’s iPhone monopoly in Singapore helped the telco record a net gain. The first generation iPhone was never released in Singapore market. SingTel launched iPhone 3G in Singapore on 22 August 2008. The other two telcos StarHub and MobileOne were said to be in negotiation to carry iPhone by end 2008. But SingTel remains the sole supplier till this date and you can only obtain iPhone 3G by being a SingTel subscriber with a 2-year mobile contract.

Via The Straits Times