Seven Reasons iPhone is better than Nokia N-series Smartphones

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We list down seven reasons why current crops of Nokia N-series smartphones are no match for iPhone. This article might serve as a guide if you are considering between iPhone and Nokia N-series smartphone. The choice is easy. Off course we have the Apple bias here.

### Internet connectivity
It is a pain trying to connect to Wifi on Nokia N-series phone, as you have to manually do it. And it could be annoying slow when trying to connect to a Wifi access point. And there is no auto switching between 3G and Wifi connectivity. iPhone is more like an always connected internet device, where else Nokia N-series is an ethernet device waiting to get connected.

### Bigger screen
Smartphone needs bigger screen than those on Nokia N95/N96. You will understand why if you spend some amount of time surfing the net, playing games and reading emails on the Nokias. It strains the eyes and is potential health hazard. iPhone’s screen size is not better but is usable. Suddenly reading the web from such small screen is tolerable activity. Which bring us to the next point.

### Safari Browser
There is no denying that iPhone Safari browser, couple with the touch interface, brings ease of surf to such small screen. Using Safari on the iPhone is a complete surfing experience, and it is as complete an implementation as its big brother on Mac OS X. Unlike the browser implementation on Nokia N-series, which give us a ‘half-cooked’ feeling, always.

### Made for Mac
If you live on the Mac and depend on iTunes, Apple Mail, Address Book, iCal, iPhoto etc, sharing and synching data between Mac and iPhone is second nature. True that Nokia provides iSync adapter for synching data between your Nokia device and Mac. But it does not give the comfort of 100% compatibility as with using the iPhone. Take for example calendar data. You can have multiple calendars on iCal such as to keep home activities separate from office calendar. But there is only one calendar on Nokia device. This could make you busier using your Nokia if you have many calendar activities.

### Firmware Upgrade
There is no way to upgrade your Nokia firmware while on Mac OS X, the Nokia firmware upgrade program is Windows only. iPhone firmware upgrade is easy, and you also have more transparency on what you get on the latest iPhone firmware. You also tend to get new features and tweaks on iPhone firmware upgrade, beside the bug fixes. While its true that iPhone does not come with as much features in the first place. But you get the confidence that your phone will get better with more features in the future. Nokia firmware upgrade tends to be more bug fixes oriented.

### Music and Video
One strong feature for Nokia device is their multimedia capabilities. Unfortunately it is painfully slow to sync your music library to the device. One of our friends deemed it unusable and carried an iPod together with his Nokia N95 8G.

### Apps and the App Store
One big differentiating point of iPhone from other smartphones is the App Store and its Apps. Due to it’s success, other smartphone platforms such as Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android have followed suite with own app store. Major web services now offer native iPhone Apps. Try search for Facebook app or Skype app or Twitter app or Google Earth app for your Nokia.

We are comparing Nokia N-series to iPhone as we were N-series users before. Nokia device still has an edge for its better camera and video, but many people are willing to forgo these features judging from the sales result of iPhone. It all boils down to choices between features and usability. Nokia device has all the latest and coolest capabilities, but loses on usability. Judging from Nokia’s latest ‘iPhone rival’ 5800 ExpressMusic, Nokia has alot to catch up. Seriously, they need a revamped OS, streamlined user interface, an app and developer ecosystem and better usability in order to compete. It is all about the software, seriously.

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