14 iPhone Tips And Tricks For Beginner

If you are like most tech users nowadays, you jump start using your new iPhone without reading the manual or instruction guide. We list down 14 tips and tricks iPhone beginners might overlook.

### 1. How to Put iPhone into Silent Mode

You put iPhone into silent mode by flipping the ringer switch which is at the top left side of the iPhone, above the volume control.

Flip the switch down towards the back of iPhone to be in silent mode. You will see an orange dot on the switch. An on screen strike-through bell icon confirms that the iPhone is on silent mode. A call comes in will vibrate in silent mode if you have turned on the vibrating option under Settings->Sound.

Flip the switch back to enable the ringer.

Believe it or not, a friend was not aware of this even after using his iPhone for more than a month. He would manually slide the volume to minimum under Settings->Sound whenever he entered cinema hall.

### 2. How to remove or insert SIM card into iPhone

We found the best video from YouTube by [everything4ipod](http://www.youtube.com/user/everything4ipod) that illustrates how to remove or insert SIM card into iPhone:

### 3. Use Double Space to Enter Period

You type a period at the end of sentence by first tapping the “.?123” button to switch to numeric keyboard layout. Then you select and tap the period on the keyboard.

Instead, use this keyboard shortcut: tapping the space key twice will enter the period into your sentence.

### 4. How to Turn Off your iPhone

When you press the Sleep/Wake button at the right top corner of the iPhone, it goes to sleep mode. iPhone also goes to sleep and turn off the screen after it is been inactive for certain time. The sleep mode conserves battery but your iPhone is not turn off.

To turn off your iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until a slider appear at the top of the screen. Simply slide across to turn off the iPhone.

To turn on the iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple icon on the screen.

### 5. How to Reset or Reboot your iPhone

When your iPhone locks up and crashes in a way that prevents you to do anything else, you need to reset or reboot your iPhone.

Reset by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button together with the Home button at the bottom of screen. Hold them both until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears.

Your data and settings should remain intact after resetting the iPhone.

### 6. What is Airplane Mode?

The first item under Settings is the Airplane Mode switch. Turn on this option when you enter the airplane. The Airplane Mode switches off the cell phone part of your iPhone so that it does not interfere with airplane’s radio frequency. You can still use your iPhone for music and games.

### 7. Using the button on iPhone headphone

The bundled headphone comes with a button with multi purpose functions:

* When a call is coming, press once to answer a call or press twice to send the call to voicemail
* While in a call, press once to hang up
* While in a call and a second call is coming, press once to hold current call and switch to the new call. Or press and hold for 2 secs to ignore the second call.
* When you are not in a call, press once to activate iPod and plays song. Press again to pause. Press twice to skip to next song.

### 8. Use and setup Home Button Double-Clicking

Double click on the Home Button by default will bring you to the Phone Favorites screen. This is a convenient shortcut. You can change this by going to Settings->General->Home Button and assign it to other function.

### 9. How do I arrange my iPhone icons?

You arrange iPhone icons by tapping and holding the icon. After a while, all icons will appear to wiggle. You can then simply drag the icon to the desired location.

To move icon to a different page, drag the icon to the left or right edge to move to the page before or after. Please be careful by not pressing the ‘x’ label on the left top corner of icon. Pressing this will remove the application from your iPhone.

Do not like the Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod as the docking icons at the bottom of the screen? You can do the same to replace them with other app icon.

Press the home button on the bottom of the screen to exit the ‘wiggling’ mode.

### 10. How do I remove an iPhone app?

To delete an application, first set the app icon on the screen to wiggle by tapping and holding on the icon. Tap the ‘x’ label on the left top corner of the icon to remove the app from iPhone.

You can not remove default iPhone application icons on the home page screen such as Calendar, Photos, App Store, Contacts etc.

### 11. Getting lost in apps icons?

If you have hundreds of apps and pages of icons, it is a drag trying to flip through them page by page. You can press the Home button to quickly go to the home page, the first page of your icons.

### 12. Double-Click for quick iPod playback and setting volume

You press the Home Button or the Sleep/Wake button to wake up iPhone from sleep mode. iPhone will display your wallpaper, a clock on top together with a slider at the bottom for you to unlock the phone.

![14 i Phone Tips and Tricks for Beginner](http://sanziro.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/14-i-phone-tips-and-tricks-for-beginner.png)

While in the lock screen, you can double click the Home Button to bring up the iPod playback control. The playback control includes the Play, Next and Previous buttons, together with a volume control slider at the bottom. This allows you to quickly control your iPod playback and to adjust the volume.

If you would like to access iPod whenever you double click the Home Button, you can use the method in point 8 above to set the Home Button. Goto Settings->General->Home Button and select ‘iPod’.

### 13. Scroll to Top of Page

When a page is more than a screenful, you can quickly scroll to the top of page by tapping on the status bar at the top. This is useful especially in Safari browser where scrolling to the top will also display the URL and Search bar.

### 14. Taking Screenshot

You can take a screenshot by holding the Home Button and clicking the Sleep/Wake Button. The screen will flash with a camera snapping sound, and the capture will be stored into your film roll.

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