Facebook Crosses 60 Million Monthly US Users But People Over 55 Are Quitting

[Inside Facebook](http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/05/26/facebook-crosses-60-million-monthly-us-users-but-fewer-people-over-55-coming-back/) has reported that people over 55 are quitting Facebook, citing numbers over the last two 60 day periods. Mark Zuckerberg can still find comfort that Facebook crosses over 60 million monthly users in US, however overall growth for users over 35 is now cooler compared to Feb/Mar period.

However, the number of active users over 55 actually decreased by over 650,000 during this period. In other words, users over 55 who joined the site earlier this year haven’t been coming back as much in April and May, even though the number of active users in every other age bracket has gone up.

We have noticed that usage is down recently for our Facebook friends, but would not attribute it to Facebook’s recent “live stream” interface changes. Getting a large growth rate for new user sign up is one thing, but return rate is the true measure of real worth especially for a social networking site.

Is the drop in return rate a result of its recent interface changes? Is the interface too hard for older people? Is Twitter eating into Facebook’s user base? Is Facebook only cool with kids or is Facebook no longer the hip club it once was? Too many questions but only time will tell if Facebook will become just another AOL.