Keeping Track of Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is one step closer to her dream, she proceeded to the semi-finals of *British’s Got Talent* last Sat night. We are keeping track of Susan Boyle to see how her career will play out after being a YouTube sensation overnight. Her “I Dreamed A Dream” performance on *British’s Got Talent* is in tracking company Visible Measures’ [100 Million Views Club](

Will Susan Boyle becomes *British’s Got Talent* this season’s winner? Will she release an album and will her singing career be a success? So, we are curious to know if being a hit on the internet means anything at all. Below are some quick links about her, helpful if you find it too much to Google her.

* The YouTube video that started it all

* [British’s Got Talent Website](

* See how Susan Boyle measures up to the other videos in [Visible Measures’ 100 Million Club](

* [Susan Boyle on YouTube](

* Twitter [search on Susan Boyle](

* Susan Boyle On [Wikipedia](

* Susan Boyle duets with Adam Lambert! From Current TV.

* Fan Sites: []( and [](

* The second Susan Boyle song on the *British’s Got Talent* show singing Memory.

* Updated 25 May 2009: Susan Boyle was voted viewers’ favorite in a telephone poll after the semi-final performance of “Memory”, allowing her to sing in the show’s final next Saturday on 30 May.

* Updated 30 May 2009: Susan Boyle singing “I Dreamed A Dream” in *British’s Got Talent 2009* finale.

* Updated 30 May 2009: Result is out and the dance group Diversity wins the show, beating Susan Boyle to second place.