Our Wish List For Third Generation iPhone Hardware

A [rumor thread](http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09/05/11/chinese_rumor_claims_2009_iphone_will_be_modest_upgrade.html) was posted on a Chinese Apple fan site by someone purporting to have used the upcoming third generation iPhone. The posting claimed that the new iPhone will be just a modest upgrade.

We have not lost our hopes by rumor as such, here are what we wish for and expect in the third generation iPhone hardware:

### 1. More Power Juice

It is not uncommon to require daily charging of iPhone for heavy users. We expect the new iPhone to improve on battery life with Apple touting it in the ads. Apple has always pride themselves in the usability department, we need more battery life in order to make iPhone more ‘usable’.

As for removable battery, we do not see this coming to Apple’s design for iPhone and iPod anytime soon.

### 2. Faster Network

iPhone 3G is capable of 3.6Mbps if your telco can support this feature. It is unfortunate that 7.2Mbps HSDPA which is widely available in Asia and Europe is not supported in current model. We expect third-generation iPhone to support up to 7.2Mbps speed, with a higher speed 14.4Mbps HSDPA or 21Mbps HSPA+ support in 2010 model.

And for WiFi, its time to upgrade to support wireless-n.

### 3. Better Screen

iPhone’s current screen supports up to 262,144 colors, it is good enough but could be better. We wish for a brighter screen with more colors, maybe using a different display technology such as OLED. We expect the 3.5 inch form factor and 480×320 resolution to remain the same. Higher resolution is highly unlikely, if not Apple would have mentioned it in their iPhone 3.0 SDK to get developers ready for it.

### 4. CPU and GPU

As a new model, we are certain that third generation iPhone will sport a higher speed ARM CPU compare with the roughly 400MHz in iPhone 3G. And RAM memory will be bumped up from the current 128M.

We expect great improvement on graphical processor in third generation iPhone. Apple will emphasis its GPU power, and will join forces with major games developers to position iPhone as the ideal mobile gaming device.

### 5. Design

We expect third generation iPhone to have similar form factor as iPhone 3G, with a different look but is not much slimmer. We wish the new iPhone can be lighter, but by not much. You need some weight in order not to cheapen the feel of holding an iPhone.

### 6. No Keyboard Please, But…

With a design philosophy of ‘touch’ as its user interface, it is unthinkable to have an iPhone with a keyboard. It is akin to running Mac OS X on a Dell or HP PC. Those wishing for a phone with keyboard attached is best look elsewhere.

But we hope Apple can provide external keyboard support. Typing with Bluetooth keyboard on your iPhone, anyone? This will make many happy travelers.

### 7. Camera & Video

We wish for a minimum 3M camera with autofocus. And it is also a video recorder capable of 720p HD resolution. With HD video now common on YouTube and the web, its time for Apple to catch up.

### 8. Compass

A digital compass is widely rumored to be in the third generation iPhone, we hope this is true. This has the potential to obsolete the compass as we know it. GPS coupled with digital compass makes iPhone a great traveling companion and navigation aid.

### 9. FM Receiver

We are quite used to not having a FM receiver by default in iPod or iPhone. Apple might surprise us this time with one inside the third generation iPhone. FM receiver is a much sought after feature for phone in Asia market.