2 Sites To Learn About iPhone OS 3.0 New Features

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iPhone OS 3.0 is out for your immediate update, you probably is keen to find out all new features of this latest firmware for iPhone and iPod touch. Within less than an hour of its release, there are already a number of comprehensive reviews of the new OS from major blogs and publishers. We select the following 2 sites which are all you need for the reading to find out new and subtle changes. More time should be spend on trying out the firmware on the actual thing.

* MobileCrunch – [iPhone OS 3.0 Just Launched. Here are 20 Things To Check Out](http://www.mobilecrunch.com/2009/06/17/iphone-os-30-just-launched-here-are-20-things-to-do-with-it/)

* iSmashPhone – [How To Use The Best 40 Features of iPhone 3.0](http://www.ismashphone.com/2009/06/how_to_use_best_40_features_of_iphone_3.html)

iPhone OS 3.0 is choke full of changes and we think it is ‘mandatory’ upgrade for existing iPhone and iPod touch, and is well worth the $9.95 dollars for iPod touch users. iPhone OS 3.0 just makes using iPhone so much more satisfying.

Update: We’ve forgotten about this very important link: [straight from the horse’s mouth](http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/?3).

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