6 Projects We Hope Apple Is Building

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2009 is just around the corner. This conference is for Apple to showcase its latest technologies and helping its developers with hands-on labs and feedback sessions. Apple itself is developer too. Here are 6 projects we hope Apple is building:

### 1. Wireless Sync for iTunes

It is time to introduce wireless sync for iTunes via Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. USB docking and sync has been with us for far too many years. Speed and bandwidth are concerns when you have large contents to sync to your iPod or iPhone. But we believe it is possible to achieve an acceptable transfer rate.

### 2. OpenDocument Format (ODF) support in iWorks

ODF is an ISO standard for office document formats, with many government agencies in the world adopt the standard as compulsory interchange format. More organizations would be willing to adopt iWorks if ODF is a supported format. For consumers, it means their files can be saved in a format that is independent of iWorks software version changes.

### 3. Voice Control In iPhone

Voice control for dialing and iPod functions improves usability and is a missing feature for iPhone. Will we see this in the up and coming iPhone 3.0?

**Updated June 09:** Apple announced Voice Control feature when it unveiled the new iPhone 3GS during WWDC. Voice Control allows user to make calls and control iPod.

### 4. Location service for all Macs

Location service can be useful on a desktop and should not be restricted to mobile device. Some people are mobile all the time with their MacBook. GPS chip on all Macs?

### 5. iTunes in the cloud

Instead of having to obtain our music and video library for our iPod/iPhone via iTunes on the desktop, why not get them directly through the Internet? For this to happen, Apple needs to provide a web based service for us to manage our library and create playlists on the cloud. We see such scenario happening in the future, but with internet bandwidth increasingly getting faster and cheaper, we might get this service sooner than later.

### 6. Community and social networking API

Imagine when you turn on your Mac or your iPhone, you are automatically sign on to *the* Apple community and Apple’s web service. Apple could extend their MobileMe with community and social networking feature and make it location service aware. And provides API to enable developer to build applications around the web services. This new MobileMe should be bundled free with all Mac, and with charges only for the additional hard disk space required.

**Updated June 11, 2009:** We are adding the following two projects for Apple’s consideration.

### 7. App Store for Mac OS X

App Store on the iPhone is so successful, why not a managed app store for desktop apps as well? Apple can help to publish, process the online purchase and digital delivery of Mac OS X apps. No censorship please, and Apple will be just another retail channel option for consumers. Make the online purchase using the same iTunes Apple ID and make it dead simple to buy and download desktop apps. This will be welcomed news for smaller software developers, and will pave the way for bundling of OS X app and iPhone app together for sale by developers.

### 8. Telco independent messaging

Create a messaging system similar to SMS/MMS but is independent of Telcos. Apple could extend iChat with the user interface of current iPhone messaging app, allowing 2-ways communication without the need to be “login” and “online”. Or it could be a system similar to Twitter but more tuned for 2-way personal and private messaging.

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