Firefox 3.5 Is Released

Firefox Version 3.5Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5 web browser to the general public. Get it from:

[Mozilla Firefox 3.5](

Watch the [worldwide real-time statistics of downloads per sec for Firefox 3.5](

Firefox 3.5 is a major release from the previous version 3.0.x which was released over a year ago. The major changes in Firefox 3.5 are:

* New JavaScript engine called TraceMonkey for faster JavaScript rendering

* A private browsing mode which allows surfing without saving your personal data.

* Support HTML5: offline data access, enhanced web graphics and multimedia plaback without plugins.

Firefox has the second largest web browser market share of between 20 to 25 percent. It lags behind Microsoft Internet Explorer which has about 65 to 70 percent share of the browser market.

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