Photo GeoTagging In iPhone

Photo geotagging is the process of adding latitude and longitude location data to the EXIF header of JPG photo file. Site such as Flickr is able to extract this info and display a map of the location alongside the photo. iPhoto ’09 is able to make use of the location info for its Places feature, allowing you to categorize photos by location, search photos using readable location names such as “Paris” or even add travel maps to your photos book.

Starting with firmware 2.0, the camera in iPhone is able to geotag the photo’s location with iPhone’s build-in GPS. iPhone requires the following in order to geotag your photo:

* Ensure location service on your iPhone is turned on. Under Settings->General, check that “Location Services” is switched on.

![iPhone Geotagging Location Services](

* The first time you use iPhone’s camera, a message appear with the prompt “Camera would like to use your current location”. Tap “OK” to enable geotagging.

![Iphone Camera Use Location](

* iPhone’s GPS is able to identify your location before it can tag the location. iPhone might not be able to get your location if you’re indoors for example.

You can not see the photos’ location info from iPhone’s Camera app, you can however view them using iPhoto or Preview on the Mac.

**Using iPhoto**

Once the photo is transfered to iPhoto, select the photo and press **Command-I** to display photo info. The location info is at the bottom.

![Iphone Iphoto Photo Info](

**Using Preview**

Open the photo using Preview, enter **Command-I** or from menu *Tools->Inspector* to display the inspector screen. Preview display the location info with a small map, and clicking the *”Locate”* button on left bottom corner will display the location map in Google Maps.

![Geotagging Preview Inspector](


1. When you transfer your photos from iPhone to your Mac using Image Capture tool, the software will strip off the location data. Please use iPhoto for the transfer.

2. For firmware 2.x, iPhone Email app will strip off the location info when you email your photos.