Sony PSP Go A Step Closer To The Future

![Sony psp go](

This week is E3 week (June 2-4 at Los Angeles Convention Center) with Sony’s press conference scheduled on June 12 11am. But [a leak before the event]( gives a glimpse of Sony’s next-generation portable gaming device PSP Go.

One notable ‘feature’ of PSP Go is the lack of UMD drive, which is the disc media when you purchase PSP game in retail store. All future games are downloads only, and people who upgrade from PSP to PSP Go can not replay those games purchased in UMD media.

Removing UMD drive is significant, it is one step closer to a total online and disc-less future. It spells the death nail to Sony’s UMD disc format and will impact Sony’s retailers financially. Whatever, it is a bold move on Sony’s part, and is a step ahead of its rival Nintendo.