TweetDeck Releases Free iPhone App

Besides the iPhone 3.0 firmware release (available later today), the other big news for Twitter and iPhone users this week must be [the launches]( of TweetDeck for iPhone.

![Tweetdeck for Iphone](

TweetDeck for iPhone is an exceedingly polished app with its column based interface, similar to the popular TweetDeck on the Mac. It supports multiple Twitter accounts, shake the iPhone to refresh columns, integration with Twitpic and yFrog for uploading pictures, integration with for URL shortening and tweeting your location using iPhone’s GPS function.

Besides the column interface, the other feature that set TweetDeck apart from its closest competitor Tweetie must be the sync feature. You can sync your columns and groups between TweetDeck for iPhone and TweetDeck on your desktop. Sync works in the background whenever you change a group or column, essentially making a backup of your TweetDeck settings. In order to get the sync to work, you need to update [TweetDeck on the Mac]( to the latest version which is released together with the iPhone app.

TweetDeck for iPhone is now available for [free download on Apple App Store](

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