Twitter’s Verified Account Brings Peace of Mind

![Twitter Verified Account](

When you visit Oprah Winfrey’s Twitter page, there is a “Verified Account” badge appear at top-right portion of the profile page. Twitter [just launched this “Verified Account” feature]( to tell us that the Oprah Twitter account is the real thing.

* Twitter’s Verified Account main aim is to deal with account impersonation.
* Twitter displays the badge only after it has contacted the account holder and verified its identity.
* The “Verified Account” badge appears at top-right portion of profile page and not anywhere else.
* The badge will also appear next to usernames in the [Find People]( section.
* For now, Twitter will check only a handful accounts, mainly well-known accounts of celebrities.
* Twitter might verify more accounts in the future.
* It does not mean accounts without the “Verified Account” badge are fake.
* You can contact [Twitter via feedback form]( if you have account impersonation issue.
* Twitter is not verifying businesses now. Contact [Twitter via feedback form]( if your business is interested.