Community Blogging Comes To Tumblr With Submissions

If you want to create a community driven blog, Tumblr has make it easy with [its Submissions feature](

Visit your Tumblr blog’s [Customize]( page under Advanced menu to enable this feature.

![Tumblr Submissions Feature](

Once you enabled Submissions, your readers are able to submit their posts via web or email. Let say your Tumblr URL is at **, the web address then for your readers to submit their post is at **. And the email address for their submission is **.

Each submission is queued for approval. You visit your blog’s submission page to approve the post for it to go live. The url to submission page is displayed at the right-hand menu on Tumblr’s main page. Or you can use the URL **.

Some examples of community-driven blogs:

* [Eat Sleep Draw](

* [This is why you’re fat](

* [Cute overload](