Flickr And Twitter Happy Together

![Flickr and Twitter Happy Together](

Flickr has added support to allow you to [tweet your Flickr photos using its Flickr2Twitter feature]( The Flickr photo’s address will appear in your tweets with a “” shortening URL.

Here’s How-To:

* Setup the integration between your Flickr account and Twitter account from Flickr’s “Your account/Blogs” page. The URL to this page is [](

![Flickr Account Setup Blog](

* Select the option “Set up your blog”.

* From the drop-down list, select “Twitter”.

![Flickr Setup Twitter 02](

* Click on the “GO TO TWITTER TO AUTHORIZE” link on the next screen. Flickr will bring you to Twitter website for the authorization.

![Flickr Setup Twitter 03](

* Click on the “Allow” button to enable the integration between Flickr and Twitter. Please note that if you use multiple Twitter accounts, please sign in using the account you want to link before clicking on the “Allow” button.

![Flickr Setup Twitter 04](

* Setup is done with a screen that display info on how you can tweet your Flickr photos. You can tweet your Flickr photos 1. using email 2. from Flickr website or 3. from third party app who support Flickr API. Take note on the page an email address for you to upload and tweet your photos.

![Flickr Twitter Setup 05](

* To upload photos to Flickr and Twitter, email the photos to the address provided in the setup done page. This is a convenient method to use both service together from iPhone. The subject line of your email will be your tweet and the title of your photo on Flickr. You can tweet up to 116 characters.

* To tweet from Flickr website, click on the “Blog This” button above the photo and select the Twitter option.

![Flickr Twitter Setup 06](

The following shows a sample tweet using this new Flickr to Twitter service. Note that the address to Flickr photo is shortened using “”.

![Flickr 2 Twitter Sample](