Microsoft Embraces Twitter

Microsoft starts to embrace Twitter by [integrating Twitter data into Bing search]( For starter, Bing will only include tweets from more prominent and prolific Twitter users.

When you enter those famous people and do a Bing search for example “Kara Swisher Twitter” or “Kara Swisher Tweets” or even “@karaswisher”, the result will include the latest tweet from the user, together with a link to more tweets from the user.

![Microsoft Bing Twitter Search](

We did a trial using the search examples “Kara Swisher Twitter”,“Kara Swisher Tweets” and “@karaswisher” provided in Bing’s blog post, but none returns the above result format. Maybe Bing is fine-tuning this feature at the moment.

And now you can follow [Microsoft on Twitter]( This Twitter account is run by four members of Microsoft’s corporate communications team. There is no [verified account logo]( on the page but it should be the real thing.

![Microsoft on Twitter](

So far there are only 3 tweets, with the first tweet being a Xbox promo: “Anyone can make games now, Kodu is available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace #microsoft #xboxlive #kodu”.

Compare this first tweet with the [stylish first tweet by Google]( back in February. Do you see a winner already?

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