Facebook Lite, @Mentions And Desktop Notifications for Mac

Facebook has been busy with three launches this week:

### Facebook Lite

Facebook launched Facebook Lite, a stripped-down version of Facebook and you can access it via url [lite.facebook.com](http://lite.facebook.com). Intended for bandwidth limited developing countries, it strips the Facebook to its cores and sans applications. We find the lite version refreshing with its leaner and cleaner layout, and it probably will become our Facebook version of choice looking forward.

### @Mentions

Not sure if it is inspired or threatened by Twitter, Facebook has introduced @mentions in status updates. When you type @ with your friend’s name in your status updates, it means a reply to your friend. This allows conversation and is one of Twitter’s strongest feature. Followed closely by recently launched real-time search and FriendFeed acquisition, we sure hope Facebook can have more originality.

### Facebook Desktop Notifications for Mac

Facebook has released a Mac native app that when launched will sit on the OS X menu bar. It will alert you when there are new activities on your Facebook. Clicking on the app icon on the menu will drop down a menu where you can access easily update your status, compose message, view list of message in inbox etc. [Download the app from Facebook](http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=219303305471).