Google Released Chrome 3, Eyeing 10% Market Share. Mac Version By End Of The Year.

Google has released version 3 of Chrome web browser, one year after its high-profile entry to the browser race. Mac version of Chrome will be available within months before the end of the year. Version 3.0 of Chrome for PCs brings improvements to the browser’s interface, including faster performance and “themes” that allow users to customize how the browser looks.

Google aims to achieve 10% market share 2 years from now. Google Chrome is now number 4 after Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Market research firm Net Applications puts Internet Explorer at roughly 67 percent of the worldwide browser market in August, Mozilla Firefox at 23 percent and Apple Safari browser had 4 percent.

“If at the two-year birthday we’re not at least 5 percent (market share), I will be exceptionally disappointed. And if at the three year birthday we’re not at 10 percent, I will be exceptionally disappointed,” Chrome Engineering Director Linus Upson said.

Chrome’s focus on performance has won it fans among the technologically savvy, but analysts say much needs to do to broaden Chrome’s appeal.

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