5 Things Missing In iPad

![Ipad 5 Missing Pieces](http://sanziro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/ipad-5-missing-pieces.png)

Apple will launch its iPad on April 3 and you can pre-order it via Apple’s [online store](http://store.apple.com/us) on March 12. No doubt many will plunge into their pocket in a bid to show off their latest and coolest gadget, the first iPad is still ‘work in progress’ to us judging from pre-release info and rumors. Here are the 5 ‘missing pieces’:

1. No video camera. Video camera is suspiciously missing for iPad’s form factor and intended audience. There are however reports that ‘there really are slot hidden beneath’ the iPad that is the size of an iSight video camera component. We are hopeful that iPad 2G in 2011 will have iSight video camera.

2. Missing standard apps. From Apple’ press release, iPad will comes with 12 apps Mail, Safari, iPod, App Store, Videos, Maps, Photos, iTunes, YouTube, Contacts, Calendar and Notes. The five missing ones that are standard in iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are Calculator, Stocks, Clock, Weather and Voice Memos. Many have speculated that these apps did not make the cut and were axed last minute internally at Apple. We expect these apps to appear in later firmware upgrade.

3. iPad WiFi+3G version will not be available worldwide. iPad is available in WiFi or WiFi+3G version. WiFi version will be released worldwide later this year but not the WiFi+3G version.

4. Is there a compass? Digital compass is standard in iPhone 3GS but there is no mention of it in Apple’s press release and there is no Compass app in sight. It looks like digital compass might not in iPad’s roadmap at all.

5. Will there be Push Notification? It is not clear if iPad will support Push Notification, which is widely used by many iPhone apps. Apple’s Push Notification service is never as reliable if your device depends only on WiFi to be online, such as on an iPod touch. It is much better when you are always connected using iPhone and your carrier’s 3G service. We suspect Push will be supported in iPad, and Apple never made a headline out of this feature due to the ‘reliability factor’ on iPad Wifi only version.