Screen Capture Shortcut In Snow Leopard

Mac OS X comes with a capable screen capture tool built-in. You probably already know that using *Command-Shift-3* is for capturing the whole screen, and *Command-Shift-4* will give you a crosshair cursor to choose the area of the screen you want to capture. Both *Command-Shift-3* and *Command-Shift-4* will output the screen capture as PNG file to you Desktop with a name “Screen shot xxxx” where xxxx will be the timestamp.

Instead of capturing to file, you can capture the image to Mac OS X system clipboard memory. This will allow you to paste the screen image into another application such as Photoshop or Pages. To capture screen into clipboard memory, use *Control-Command-Shift-3* for whole screen or *Control-Command-Shift-4* for portion of screen.

You can also capture specific window or object on the screen using the *Command-Shift-4* or *Control-Command-Shift-4* screen capture shortcuts:

* Press Command-Shift-4 or Control-Command-Shift-4. The cursor changes to crosshair.

* Press the spacebar to toggle the cursor into a camera icon.

* Move the camera cursor to the window or object that you want to capture. The window or object will be highlighted when the cursor is over them.

* Click the mouse anywhere on the highlighted window or object to take the screenshot.