10 Speculations On iPhone OS 4.0

![iPhone OS 4.0 Speculations](http://sanziro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/iphone-os-4-speculations.png)

Apple is briefing its developers on the future plan for iPhone OS this Thursday April 8. This surprised many as it comes so soon after a successful launch of iPad just last weekend. The latest iPhone OS version for iPhone and iPod touch is 3.1.3 while iPad is running version 3.2. The next version of iPhone OS which Apple will unveil on Thursday will most likely be 4.0. (Updated: It is obvious from the Apple invitation picture above that it is indeed iPhone OS 4.0!) Here are our 10 speculations and expectations on what’s in iPhone OS 4.0.

1. Multitasking. This is the single most sought after feature by developers and techies. But most consumers and your mum and dad are not so aware of the lack of it in their iPhones. Current build-in apps such as iPod and Clock are capable of running in the background. Apple has sited battery life as one major hindrance why it does not allow third party apps to run in the background. Instead Push Notifications is the options Apple offered to work around the lack of background processing. There are hints that Apple will finally allow some form of running third party apps in the background. We are curious to know how Apple will implement it without sacrificing battery life and stability.

2. Tweaks to Home Screen. There might be some minor tweaks to the home screen. Apple might also implement a shortcut to your contacts on the home screen, allowing you quickly touch the icon on your home screen to call your contacts.

3. Push Notifications Central. How about an area (in the Settings app?) where we can browse through and manage the push notifications that were received?

4. iTunes in the cloud. Apple’s recent purchase of Lala hints at the inevitable of iTunes library in the cloud. We hope there is an API in iPhone OS 4 for developer to access to the music cloud service, if that’s the case we will be able to know Apple’s iTunes cloud service direction in a few days.

5. Ads API and platform. Apple is set to compete with Admob and Google in the mobile advertising space after acquiring Quattro Wireless. Will the ad platform be build right into iPhone OS?

6. MobileMe Reloaded. Apple should release APIs that will allow third party apps to access to its cloud based service. In addition, MobileMe basic subscription should be free with charges only for additional disk space used. This will entice more users to use the service.

7. Documents and Documents. We hope Apple can expand the iWorks.com portal to compete with Google Docs and Dropbox. How about combine it with MobileMe and let us store any documents in it? And off course an API for developer to access the documents.

8. Easier Document Sharing. Beside a cloud based document storage option, the next best option is to make it much easier to share documents on your iPhone and iPad. It is rumored that the next iPhone OS will allow you to specify a document folder on your iPhone/iPad as shareable, and it will appear as a folder on your desktop. Many apps now has its own take on how to implement document sharing between your mobile device and desktop. We are curious to see the midas touch Apple will bring to its implementation.

9. Multi Resolution Support. It is rumored that the next iPhone device will spot twice the resolution (960×640) compared to the current iPhone’s 480×320. And the new iPad has a different resolution at 1024×768. There might be APIs that will allow developer to easily adapt their apps for different resolution screens.

10. One iPhone OS Version For Both iPhone and iPad We believe the next version of iPhone OS will exist in one single version for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.