17 Things About 4G iPhone

If you are curious about the 4th generation iPhone, you probably have read the leak by [Gizmodo](http://gizmodo.com/5520471/the-tale-of-apples-next-iphone) on the next iPhone. The prototype iPhone unit is confirmed real as Apple has sent a letter formally requesting the return of the device. Here is a listing of what we can expect on the 4G iPhone from the Gizmodo leak as well as from other sources and our prediction.

1. Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 4G at its developer event WWDC which is rumored for June 28-July 02. Following the release pattern of past iPhones, it should be out in July. But we might get it in June as AT&T has blocked vacations for staff in June, said to be preparing for the launch of iPhone 4G.

2. iPhone 4G will have new design resembles the industrial look of iPad and MacBook, with a more square tapered corners. The back is flat unlike current models and is made of glass or glass like material. An aluminum border is around the sides, and the power, mute and volume buttons are all metallic. There are now two buttons for volume. And there is a new secondary mic at the top next to the headphone jack, believed is for noise cancellation purpose.

3. iPhone 4G is about 3g lighter, has a battery that is 16% larger than iPhone 3GS. It uses Micro-SIM similar to iPad.

4. There is a front-facing camera, and is obviously meant for video chat. The back camera is noticeably larger than iPhone 3GS and there is now flash. Many expect iChat to be a standard app in 4G iPhone. As for the camera, expect it to be with a 5MP sensor. And the next-gen iPhone will likely capture video in HD 720p format.

5. The screen appears to be slightly smaller than current model. It is rumored to have a resolution of 960×640, double that of current models. Higher resolution per inch means text will looks crispier. We expect there will be great jump in graphics performance compared to current models, as games is crucial to iPhone.

6. We suspect Apple might include RFID sensor into the 4G iPhone. RFID is a near field identification standard that will open to endless possibility of industrial applications for iPhone.

7. Apple is likely to use its custom chipset for the next gen iPhone, similar to iPad where Apple A4 chip is used. We bet the same A4 will make it into iPhone 4G. And judging from the 16% larger battery area reported by Gizmodo, we can expect long battery life will be a feature touted about during the launch.

8. It is a foregone conclusion that the 4G iPhone runs iPhone OS 4.0. Apple released a beta SDK of iPhone 4.0 to its developer early this month. The biggest feature in iPhone OS 4.0 is the ability to multitask apps. This open many possibilities in apps, for example ability to receive Skype calls.

9. There are minor tweaks to the home screen. Double tap on button will display currently running apps at the bottom for scrolling, tap on a app to quickly launch the running app. You can create folders to house your apps, this allows you to have up to 2160 apps on your phone instead of the current 180 apps limit. You are able to set wallpapers for Home Screen background.

10. Mail app will have a universal inbox that display all mails from multiple accounts together.

11. iBooks will be standard app, allowing you to read your iBookstore purchase on iPhone.

12. We suspect Apple will release version of Pages, Numbers and Keynote app for iPhone. Apple will timed it with the launch of the next iPhone.

13. iPhone OS 4.0 supports bluetooth keyboard. So you can expect keyboard docking from Apple and third party vendor that works with the 4G iPhone.

14. It is rumored that there will be integration of contacts in iPhone with your contacts in Facebook.

15. Apple has replaced “Google” with “Search” in mobile Safari search box in iPhone OS 4. There will be lesser Google product branding in iPhone. We expect this trend to continue as the love or hate relationship between Apple and Google is ongoing.

16. Will the next iPhone be called iPhone HD or iPhone 4G? We do not expect Apple to use any “3G” in the product name, as the design is a departure from the last two generations.

17. There will be no Adobe Flash in iPhone. Last generations, this generation and future generations of iPhone.