Changing Tweetie For Mac Icon

![Replace Tweetie Icon](

[Tweetie for Mac]( is a nicely designed Twitter app for the Mac OS X. Beautifully crafted except for the dock icon. [Matthew Rex]( is kind enough to make available the same icon used in Tweetie 2 for iPhone. Here’s how you can replace the default Tweetie for Mac icon with a new look:

* Download the icons from Marcelo’s blog site. [Link Here](

* The download contains files and folders. Look inside the folder “ICNS” which has two icon files ‘Tweetie (Metal).icns’ and ‘Tweetie (Gloss).icns’. Choose the one you like and rename it “Tweetie.icns”

* Quit Tweetie if it is running

* Go to you Applications folder and locate the Tweetie app file. Mouse right-click or Ctrl-click to pop up a menu, select the option “Show Package Contents”. The Tweetie app content is displayed in a folder.

* Look under the folder Contents>Resources and you should be able to locate the existing icon file “Tweetie.icns”. Replace it with the one you just downloaded and renamed.

* Close the Tweetie app content folder.

That’s it. If Tweetie is on the dock, remove it from the dock and put it back again to get the new icon.