Facebook’s CEO Is Not Eating His Own Dog Food

“I’m trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share.” – CEO Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

But according to [this interesting article from Inc.com](http://www.inc.com/tech-blog/mark-zuckerbergs-privacy-settings.html), clearly there is double standard if you look that how the CEO is using Facebook himself.

Are we to believe Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t used his own product since April 21st? The alternative means he has a hidden, private account. Nah, can’t be! Zuckerberg reportedly thinks the age of privacy is over.

As of May 18th, his last posting was on April 21st. He hasn’t created a new photo album since 2009. He has over half a million users who like him, but he has no friend on his profile. We think he is just too busy, too busy to even employ a proper PR executive.