How Do You Like MobileMe For Free?

MobileMe will soon be free, if [the rumor published by MacDailyNews]( is true. Currently costing US$99 per year, a free MobileMe subscription will be good news to existing subscribers and to all Mac users.

MobileMe consists of many services on the cloud, including storage, email, photo galleries, personal website, Find My iPhone, sync store of contacts/calendars/bookmarks etc. Many useful features that integrates tightly with your Mac/iPhone/iPad but most users are taken back by the price.

We hope this rumor is true as there are many advantages and justification for Apple to make MobileMe free:

* It will be a different ballgame for Apple if MobileMe becomes competitive to similar offering by Google and Microsoft. A free MobileMe will enjoy substantial increase in user base and suddenly makes Apple a major player in the cloud space. This is the necessary move by Apple if it wants to compete in Google’s stronghold, or simply wants to make Google mad.

* The recent purchase of points to an imminent launch of a cloud based music service. We believe Apple will tie this new music service to the MobileMe branding. What better ways to attract users than to offer it free? We suspect Apple might launch the music service together with free MobileMe.

* With the world moving to a cloud service and apps (iPhone/iPad) model, it is timely if not slightly late in the game for Apple to focus on cloud services. It is inevitable.

* Apple’s commitment of US$1 billion to a server farm in North Carolina is meant for serving something new and substantial. We believe the new infrastructure is meant for free MobileMe for all users. According to the post by MacDailyNews, the timing for MobileMe to go free could be “sooner than later… depends on certain facilities going operational.”. That facilities could be the one in North Carolina.

Apple please, make MobileMe free. And announce it in your WWDC developer conference and make it available in June.

One thought on “How Do You Like MobileMe For Free?”

  1. Access to MobileMe for free would be a great perk of owning a Mac. MacDailyNews says this rumour has an “air of credibility,” but I just can’t see Apple giving this service away for free.

    If Apple does make this move, perhaps it will be ad-supported or something along those lines, which would be fine. And maybe there will be an option to pay for the service so the ads disappear (maybe primarily to keep the people who have already bought MobileMe, and still have time on their contract, happy, since they won’t like to pay for something while seeing others get it for free).

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