HP Is The Next Pillar

![Hp Buys Palm](http://sanziro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/hp_buys_palm.png)

HP’s US$1.2 billion purchase of Palm last week is a surprise to many, as most would think an existing mobile device company such as RIM or Nokia would be the ideal suitors. Less than a week after the announcement, HP has canceled the development of its Windows 7 Slate tablet, instead it will use WebOS from its Palm purchase for future tablet device. There are rumors that future HP tablet might not even include an Intel CPU.

With its well regarded WebOS, we see HP as a strong contender in what has becoming a more mobile and apps centric world. We also expect future HP netbooks and PC to sport WebOS. Microsoft and Windows. Apple and Cocoa. Google and Android. With HP at the helm with WebOS, we now have a fourth platform that spans across the desktop and mobile spaces.

What is certain, the era of PC with Windows computing is coming to an end.