Internet Explorer Falls Below 60% Market Share, Safari Not Doing As Well As Chrome

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According to Net Application tracking browser market share, Microsoft Internet Explorer’s share is 59.95% in April, which is a historic low. This is a drop of 0.69 points compared to March 2010. Mozilla Firefox gained 0.07 points to 24.59%. The big winner was Google’s Chrome browser, with a gain of 0.6 point that boosted Chrome’s share to 6.73%. Apple Safari has a gain of 0.06 points to 4.72%.

Apple Safari has very little movement in terms of market share. Its share of 4.72% is a new record, but the addition of one full point has taken Apple 11 months. In contrast, Chrome has been growing by almost 5 points in the same time frame, and remains the fastest growing browser.

Firefox, Safari and Chrome are growing at the expense of Internet Explorer and is inevitable as IE is no longer compelling enough. We expect this trend to continue, even with the release of next-generation Internet Explorer version 9. Anyway IE9 public release is not expected in another 9-12 months.

Source: [Conceivablytech](