Self Publishing Comes To iBookstore

Apple has released information for aspiring authors on how they can self-publish their books on the iBookstore. This is game changer for the publishing industry as authors now can choose to sell books without a publisher, distributor or agent. Authors can choose how much to charge and which countries to sell to, with Apple taking 30% cut of the revenue as with the App Store.


There are some requirements which are fairly straightforward:

* You need a US tax ID, which means this service is currently only for US authors.

* You need to have an iTunes Store account with a credit card on file.

* You need an Intel Mac with OS X 10.5 or later, as you need to encode your eBook with Apple software, presumably with DRM to protect your book for viewing in iPhone or iPad only.

* Your need to obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for each of your book. Check out the FAQs on []( for details.

* You need to convert your eBook into [ePub format]( There are [many tools available and some are free]( And the book in epub format must also pass the [epubcheck](

If you find the requirements boggling, you can get help with [Apple approved aggregator](

[Click here to get started selling your book](

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