What Does Facebook Publish About You And Your Friends?

Curious to find out what information Facebook is sharing about you through the company’s latest Open Graph API? Courtesy of developer Ka-Ping Yee, you can now [visit his site](http://zesty.ca/facebook/) to find out.

The Open Graph API is the latest API released at Facebook’s recent f8 developer conference on April 21. What Yee does is to show you exactly what kind of information about you is exposed by Facebook via the new API. This is also a good tool to check if your privacy settings is working, as many probably are confused on how to choose their Facebook privacy settings with its constant changes and revisions.

Source: [Gigaom](http://gigaom.com/2010/04/27/want-to-know-what-to-know-what-facebook-is-saying-about-you-try-this-tool/)