How To Install Safari 5 Extensions

Safari 5 comes with extensions support but it appears to be a developer feature at the moment. It is not at all apparent how to enable extensions or install extensions.

Enable Extensions

Before you can manage Safari 5 Extensions, you need to enable it. But first you need to enable the developer menu. Open Safari 5 Preferences and select the “Advanced Tab”. Tick the checkbox “Show Developer menu in menu bar” at the bottom.

![Safari Extensions 1](

Close Safari 5 Preferences and you get a new Developer menu. Select “Enable Extensions” from the Developer menu.

![Safari Extensions 2](

When you open Safari 5 Preferences you should see a new Extensions tab that allows you to manage installed Extensions. The following picture shows two installed extensions. See section follows on how to install extensions.

![Safari Extensions 3](

Installing Extensions

Safari Extension Gallery will only open this summer but there are several extensions already available. You can search the web for Safari extensions or visit this [Safari Extensions Tumblog]( that will tide you over until Apple opens the official gallery.

To install an extension, simply download the extension and open the extension file ends with *safariextz*. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the installation.

![Safari Extensions 4](